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An index of discographies and other resources

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30 Days Of The Dead

A. B. Skhy
The Ace Of Cups
Acoustic Disc label
Alembic Studios, San Francisco
Allman Brothers Band
American Folk Music and Musicians Series
American History through Music Series
American Made Music Series
Eric Andersen
The Answer
Asphalt Mountain Jungle Boys
Autumn Records
Avalon Ballroom

Badwater Valley Boys
The Banshees
John Barlow
Batdorf & Rodney
Bay Area bands
Bay Area studios
Bay Area venues
The Baytovens
Beacon Street Union
The Beans
The Beau Brummels
The Bedouins
The Bees
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley String Quartet
The Bethlehem Exit
Big Brother And The Holding Company
Big Foot
Black Mountain Boys
Black Pearl
Black Swan
Blackburn And Snow
Blue Cheer
Blue Yard Hill
Blues Magoos
Boarding House
Bob and Jerry
Bob Bralove
Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck
Bobby and The Midnites
Bobby Hi-Test and the Octane Kids
Books: Grateful Dead
Books: San Francisco / 60s
Books: songbooks
Books: source and reference books
Born Again
Bottom Of The Hill
The Brogues
Broken Angels

California Hall
Capitol Disc Jockey Albums
Carousel Ballroom
Cave Dwellers
Chamaeleon Church
The Change
The Charlatans
Children Of Stone
The Chocolate Watch Band
The Chosen Few
John Cipollina
The Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band
Vassar Clements
The Coachmen
Coast Recorders, San Francisco
Cold Blood
Columbus Recording, San Francisco
Tom Constanten
The Count Five
Country Joe & The Fish
Country Joe McDonald
Country Weather
Covers of Dead songs by album
Covers of Dead songs by song
Cow Palace
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Crusader Rabbit Stealth Band
Crystal Syphon

The Daily Flash
Dandelion Wine
Dark Star Orchestra
Dave's Picks by release date
Dave's Picks by show date
David & The Dorks
John Dawson
Day Blindness
The Dead (2003-2009): discography
The Dead (2003-2009): songs performed
Dead & Company
Dead Ringers
Denise & Company
Devil's Kitchen
Dick's Picks series: by release date
Dick's Picks series: by show date
Different Fur Studios, San Francisco
Diga Rhythm Band
Donna Jean Band
Dose Hermanos
The Drongos
The Dutch Masters
DVDs: Grateful Dead and related DVDs
Dylan-Dead Connections
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan: Songs recorded

The E-Types
Earth Opera
Earth Quake
Eden's Children
The Electric Company
Electric Flag
Butch Engle & The Styx
Everpresent Fullness
Everything Is Everything

Family Dog On The Great Highway
Family Tree
Fantasy (LPs)
Fever Tree
Martin Fierro
Fifty Foot Hose
Fillmore Auditorium
Fillmore Records
Fillmore West
Final Solution
Ernie Fischbach / Charles Ewing
The Flamin' Groovies
Bela Fleck
The Flying Circus
The Fourth Way
The Frantics
Freight & Salvage (venue)
Freedom Highway
From The Vault series by release date
Front Line
Frumious Bandersnatch
Funky Features, San Francisco

David Gans
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (JGAB)
Jerry Garcia Band (JGB)
Garcia / Grisman
Jerry Garcia / John Kahn duo
Garcia / Saunders
Jerry Garcia & Friends (1968)
Jerry Garcia & Friends (1970)
Garage Beat 66 compilations
The Glass Family
Go Ahead
Godawful Palo Alto Bluegrass Ensemble
Donna Godchaux
Keith Godchaux
Golden State Recorders, San Francisco
The Golliwogs
Gordon, Kimock & Kreutzmann
Gotham City Crime Fighters
Gerrit Graham
Grateful Dead: discography
Grateful Dead: bookshelf
Grateful Dead: covers of GD songs by album
Grateful Dead: covers of GD songs by song
Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks series
Grateful Dead: DVDs
Grateful Dead: DVDAudios
Grateful Dead: Games
Grateful Dead: movies references and appearances
Grateful Dead: play the Beatles
Grateful Dead: play Bo Diddley
Grateful Dead: play Chuck Berry
Grateful Dead: play the Stones
Grateful Dead: play Van Morrison
Grateful Dead: promos
Grateful Dead: recordings by date
Grateful Dead: references in music - songs with a Dead connection
Grateful Dead: Road Trips series
Grateful Dead: songs performed
Grateful Dead: songs recorded
Grateful Dead: songbooks
Grateful Dead timeline
Grateful Dead: tribute albums
Grateful Dead: TV appearances
Grateful Dead: videos
Grateful Dead Records (73-76)
Grateful Dead shows at Wolfgang's Vault
Great American Music Band / Great American String Band
Great American Music Hall
The Great Society
Greenwood Guides to American Roots Music
David Grisman
Group "B"
Grunt Records
Guitar Rock (Time-Life series)
Gypsum Heaps

Harbinger Complex
Mickey Hart
Mickey Hart Band
Mickey Hart's Mystery Box
Hart Valley Drifters
Haymarket Riot
Healy Treece Band
Heart Of Gold Band
The Hedds
Wally Heider's Studios, San Francisco
Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks
His Master's Wheels, San Francisco
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils
Bruce Hornsby
Hot Tuna
HP Lovecraft
Robert Hunter: compositions on recordings
Robert Hunter: recordings
Robert Hunter: solo repertoire
Robert Hunter: songs
Robert Hunter: miscellaneous
Robert Hunter And Larry Klein
Robert Hunter and Jim Lauderdale
Robert Hunter And The Mystery Band

Ian & Sylvia
Ill Wind
Immediate Family
Initial Shock
It's A Beautiful Day

Jefferson Airplane
JGB (Jerry Garcia Band)
John Douglas Company
Joy Of Cooking

The Just Six
John Kahn
Kaleidoscope (group)
Kaleidoscope (label)
Jorma Kaukonen
Keith and Donna Band
Kensington Forest
Kettle Joe's Psychedelic Swamp Revue
Keystone Berkeley
Keystone Korner
KFOG discography
Steve Kimock
The Knight Riders
Bill Kreutzmann

Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh
Lambert & Nuttycombe
Jim Lauderdale / Robert Hunter songs
The Legends
Legion of Mary
Phil Lesh
Phil Lesh & Friends: discography
Phil Lesh & Friends: songs performed
Phil Lesh & The Hep Kats
Phil Lesh school and college bands and orchestra
Linn County
The Living Children
The Livin' End
The Loading Zone

Mad River
The Marauders
The Matrix (venue)
Mad River
Maybeck Recital Hall
Country Joe McDonald
Barry Melton
Mercury Sound Studios West, San Francisco
Lee Michaels
Mickey And The Daylites (1982)
Mickey And The Daylites (1986)
Mickey And The Hartbeats
Mill Valley Bunch
Steve Miller Band
Mint Tattoo
Miscellaneous setlists of selected Grateful Dead related shows
Missing Man Formation
Moby Grape
The Mojo Men
Morning Glory
Moss & The Rocks
Mother Earth
Mother McCrees Uptown Jug Champions
Mount Rushmore
Mourning Reign
Movies - Grateful Dead appearances and references in movies
Mr. D's
Music in American Life Series
Brent Mydland
Mystery Box
The Mystery Trend

The Neighb'rhood Childr'n
David Nelson
The New Breed
New Delhi River Band
New Lost City Ramblers
New Riders of the Purple Sage: discography
New Riders of the Purple Sage: song list
The New Tweedy Brothers
The Newcastle Five
Noe Valley Ministry discography
North California Groups pages
Notes From The Underground
Nuggets compilations
Nuggets From The Golden State (Big Beat)

Oakland Coliseum
Old and In The Way
The Opposite Six
Organized Confusion
Orphan Egg
The Other Half
The Other Ones
The Outfit
Oxford Circle

Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific High Studios, San Francisco
Pacific Recording/Pacific Recorders, San Mateo
Palace Of Fine Arts
Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Peninsula Sound Studios, San Carlos
William Penn and His Pals
Peter Wheat and The Breadmen
Robert Petersen
Phil & Friends: discography
Phil & Friends: songs performed
Phish Live (CD sets 2001 to 2003)
Pigpen (Ron McKernan)
Pigpen: Pre-Dead groups
Planet Drum
Play The Band | Play the Beatles
Play Bo Diddley
Play Chuck Berry
Play Merle Haggard
Play Motown
Play the Stones
Play Van Morrison
The Poor Souls
Popular Culture and Philosophy series (books)
Promos: Grateful Dead and band member promos
Psychedelic Keyboard Trio
Psychedelic Microdots
The Psy-Kicks
Public Nuisance
The Pullice
The Pulsations
Purple Earthquake

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Raccoon label
Railroad Earth
Ratdog discography
Ratdog songs recorded/performed
The Rear Exit
Record label glossary
Record Plant, Sausalito
Red Mountain
References: songs with a Dead connection
Relix Records
Rex Foundation
Rhythm Devils
The Rhythm Dukes
Tony Rice
Road Trips series: by release date
Road Trips series: by show date
Peter Rowan
Round Records (73-76)

The Saloon (venue)
San Francisco bands
San Francisco record label
San Francisco / 60s bookshelf
San Francisco live recordings discography
Merl Saunders
The Savage Resurrection
The Savonics
Scaring The Children
Scorpio Records (Grateful Dead releases)
Second Coming
Second Sight
Second Story Men
Mike Seeger
The Serpent Power / David & Tina Meltzer
Setlists of selected Grateful Dead related shows
Shades Of Joy
The Shillings
Shoreline Amphitheater
Siegel-Schwall Band
Sierra Sound Laboratories, Berkeley
Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers
Sly & The Family Stone
Smokestack Lightning
Songs recorded by the Grateful Dead
Songs performed by the Grateful Dead
Songs performed by the The Dead (2003-2005)
Songs performed by Phil Lesh & Friends
Songs recorded/performed by Ratdog
Songbooks - Grateful Dead and others
The Sons Of Champlin
Sopwith Camel
The Soul Owners
Sound Hole
Sounds Of The Seventies (Time-Life series)
Source and reference books
Southern Comfort
The Spearmints
Stained Glass
The Stepping Stones
The Stone
The Strawberry Window
String Cheese Incident
String Cheese Incident: Songs
Studio 10, San Francisco
Studio discographies (Bay Area)
The Styx
Sumertone Records
Sunflower Records
Sweetwater (venue)
Syndicate Of Sound

The Tears
Teddy And His Patches
Terry And The Pirates
Thunder Mountain Tub Thumpers
Time-Life Guitar Rock series
Timeline (Grateful Dead)
Tiny Hearing Aid Company
The Tokays
Tongue & Groove
Touloos Ta Truck
Tower Of Power
Transatlantic Railroad
Transatlantic Train
The Travel Agency
Grateful Dead tribute albums
Tripsichord Music Box / Tripsichord
The Tubes
TV appearances and references

The Uncalled Four
Uncle Ben And The Wild Rice
United States Of America

The Valentines
The Vejtables
Venues discography: live from the Bay Area
The Venus Flytrap
Videos: Grateful Dead and related Videos
The Virtues

Howard Wales
Wally Heider's Studios, San Francisco
Warfield Theater
Warner Brothers: Display Case compilations
Warner Brothers: Grateful Dead releases
Rob Wasserman
The Waybacks
We Five
Bob Weir
Bob Weir/Ratdog: discography
Weir/Robinson/Greene Trio
Weir / Wasserman
Bob Weir and Friends
Weir and The Waybacks
Bob Weir Band
Vince Welnick
Wendy & Bonnie
White Haven Pillow
The Wildflower
Wildwood Boys
Winterland box sets (Grateful Dead)
Wolfgang's Vault Grateful Dead shows

The Youngbloods

The Zodiacs

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