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Cow Palace Discography

This is a discography of albums recorded at the Cow Palace. The Cow Palace, which is located on the boundary between San Francisco and Daly City, was completed in 1941 and originally called California State Livestock Pavilion. As the name suggest the original intention was for the building to host livestock and rodeo events. Shortly after opening the building was handed over to the army for the duration of the war. In 1946 the building returned to its intended use and has continued to host sports events, a wide range of shows (dogs, flowers, boats, bikes, etc), circuses, political events and music. The Grateful Dead first used the Wall Of Sound sound system at the Cow Palace in 1974. More information at the Cow Palace web site.

info KYA's Memories Of The Cow Palace, Various Artists, 1964, Autumn 101

info Dick's Picks, Vol. 24, Grateful Dead, 2002

info Live at the Cow Palace: New Year's Eve 1976, Grateful Dead, 2006

info Rust Never Sleeps (LP), Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 1979
info Live Rust, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 1979 (part)
info Rust Never Sleeps (video/DVD), Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 1993?/2002

info Tango in the Night (video/DV), Fleetwood Mac, 1988 / 2003

info Alternative NRG, Various Artists, 1992 (2 tracks)

Last updated Jan 2007