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Boarding House Discography

This is a discography of albums recorded at the Boarding House. Before becoming the Boarding House in 1970 the building, at 960 Bush Street, had been the venue for a number of operations including the Fack's II, The Neve and The Cellar which were jazz clubs and The Troubadour North in the 1960's. The Boarding House was opened by David Allen and rapidly became one of the top 1970's rock nightclub in the city. In addition to a wide range of rock, country and folk performers the club also put on comedy shows. The club was forced to move from Bush Street in 1980 and the building was subsequently demolished. The Boarding House was located at 901 Columbus Avenue until it closed it's doors in 1982.

info Old and In the Way, Old and In the Way, 1975
info That High Lonesome Sound, Old And In The Way, 1996
info Breakdown, Old & In the Way, 1997
info Grateful Dawg Soundtrack, David Grisman / Jerry Garcia / Various Artists, 2001 (1 song)
info Garcia Plays Dylan, Jerry Garcia Band / Grateful Dead, 2005 (1 song)
info On The Great Divide, The New Lost City Ramblers, 1975
info Live At The Boarding House: The Complete Shows, Old & In The Way, 2013

info Classic Live!, Maria Muldaur, 2003 (Part)

info Live At The Boarding House, Richard Torrance, 1977

info Too Close for Comfort, Terry & The Pirates, 1994 CD release (Part)
info Live From San Francisco, Etta James, 1994

Last updated April 2008