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Bob Weir Discography

Bob Weir was a founder member of the Grateful Dead. He performed and recorded with the Dead from 1965 through to 1995. Bob Weir contributed to all Grateful Dead recordings. See the Grateful Dead Discography for a full listing of these recordings.

During the 1965 to 1995 period he recorded two solo albums and performed and recorded with other groups, including Kingfish and Bobby & The Midnites, and he occasionally contributed as a guest to other albums. Since 1995 he has performed and recorded with Rob Wasserman, Ratdog, The Other Ones, The Dead and Furthur and has contributed to some other recordings. This page documents these recordings away from the Grateful Dead.

For more detailed discographies, including live concert releases, for Furthur, Ratdog, The Dead and other groups featuring Bob Weir see the links to the right.

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Solo, group leader or co-leader releases : Albums / Singles | Various Artist Compilations | Audio Books
Playing contributions to other releases : Albums / Singles | Compilations
Non-playing appearances on releases : Albums with Bob Weir compositions | Albums with other non-playing references

Solo, group leader or co-leader albums

Solo, group leader or co-leader: albums & singles

info Ace, Bob Weir, 1972
info Single (One More Saturday Night / Cassidy), Bob Weir, 1972
info Heaven Help The Fool, Bob Weir, 1978
info Single (Bombs Away / Easy To Slip), Bob Weir, 1978
info Single (I'll Be Doggone / Shade Of Grey), Bob Weir, 1978
info Bobby And The Midnites, Bobby And The Midnites, 1981
info Single (Too Many Losers / Haze), Bobby and The Midnites, 1981
info Where The Beat Meets The Street, Bobby And The Midnites, 1984
info Weir/Wasserman Live, Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman, 1998
info The Strange Remain, The Other Ones, 1999
info Evening Moods, Bob Weir and Ratdog, 2000
info Live At Roseland, Ratdog, 2001
info Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir, Bob Weir, 2004
info Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound, Jerry Garcia Band / Weir & Wasserman, 2013
info Blue Mountain, Bob Weir, 2016

Solo, group leader or co-leader: compilations

info Burbank, Various Artists, 1972
info Display Case Vol. 7, Various Artists, 1972
info Grateful Dead Sampler, Various Artists, 1978
no info AOR Best Bets (?), Various Artists, 1978?, Arista ALS 04
info Der Sampler 32, Various Artists, 1989
info Furthur, Various Artists, 1997
info Furthur More, Various Artists, 1997
info Sing Out For Seva, Various Artists, 1999
info Fish Tree Water Blues, Various Artists, 1999
info Furthur Most, Various Artists, 2000
info KBCO Studio C, Vol. 12, Various Artists, 2000
info Live From Bonnaroo Music Festival 2003, Various Artists, 2003
info KBCO Studio C, Vol. 16, Various Artists, 2004
info Live From Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004, Various Artists, 2005
info Wretches & Jabberers Soundtrack, Various Artists, 2011
info Warren Haynes Presents: The Benefit Concert: Vol 4, Various Artists, 2011
info A Buck Dancer's Choice, Various Artists, 2013
info Day Of The Dead, Various Artists, 2016

Audio books

info Panther Dream : A Story of the African Rainforest, Wendy and Bob Weir, 1991
info Baru Bay: Australia, Wendy and Bob Weir, 1995

Playing contributions to other albums

With others: Albums & singles

info Rolling Thunder, Mickey Hart, 1972
info Single (Blind John / Pump Song), Mickey Hart, 1972
info Slewfoot, David Rea, 1973
info Kingfish, Kingfish, 1976
no info Single (Hypnotize / Supplication), Kingfish, 1976, United Artists 794
info Reflections, Jerry Garcia, 1976
info Live 'N' Kickin, Kingfish, 1977
no info Single (Goodbye Yer Honor / Jump For Joy / I Hear You Knockin'), Kingfish, 1977, Jet/United Artists
info Kingfish, Kingfish, 1985
info A Wing And A Prayer, Matt Kelly, 1987
info Down In The Groove, Bob Dylan, 1988
info Single (Silvio / Driftin' Too Far From Shore), Bob Dylan, 1988
info Silvio promo single, Bob Dylan, 1988
info A Sneak Peek: Fresh Tracks / New Stars, Various Artists (Bob Dylan), 1988
info Nightfood, Brian Melvin, 1988
info Peace On Earth, Country Joe McDonald, 1989
info If Six Was Nine, Various Artists, 1990
info Single (Political World +), Bob Dylan, 1990
info Astronauts and Heretics, Thomas Dolby, 1992
info Live At Sweetwater, Hot Tuna, 1992
info Rare, Live and Classic, Joan Baez, 1993
info Live At Sweetwater 2, Hot Tuna, 1993
info Trios, Rob Wasserman, 1994
info Kingfish, Kingfish, 1995
info Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Relations, Neville Brothers, 1996
info Mickey Hart's Mystery Box, Mickey Hart, 1996
info King Biscuit Flower Hour, Kingfish, 1996
info Dark Star - The Music of the Grateful Dead, David Murray, 1996
info Second Sight, Second Sight, 1996
info Charity Of Night, Bruce Cockburn, 1997
info Fiesta Amazonica, Merl Saunders, 1997
info Friends of Mine, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, 1998
info Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, 1998
info Sundown On The Forest, Kingfish, 1999
info Spirit Into Sound, Mickey Hart, 2000
info Live, Kingfish, 2000
info House Party, Dan Zanes and Friends, 2003
info From the Front Row: Live, Kingfish, 2003 (DVD Audio)
info Greatest Hits Live, Kingfish, 2003
info Guitar Party, Henry Kaiser and Glenn Phillips, 2003
info Pure Jerry: Lunt-Fontanne, The Best Of The Rest, Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Jerry Garcia Band, 2004
info Bruce Hornsby Live: August 30, 2005, Philadelphia, PA, Bruce Hornsby, 2006
info The Very Best Of Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia, 2006
info On The Road: June 26, 2006, San Diego, CA, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: June 30, 2006, Magna, UT, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: July 1, 2006, Morrison, CO, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: July 2, 2006, Morrison, CO, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: July 8, 2006, St. Louis, MO, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: July 14, 2006, New York, NY, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: July 15, 2006, Mansfield, MA, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: Travelogue Summer 2006, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info Dream, Keller Williams, 2007
info 06/17/07, Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN, Gov't Mule, 2007
info Live, Camden, NJ, 8-17-07, Allman Brothers Band, 2007
info Live, Holmdel, NJ, 8-22-07, Allman Brothers Band, 2007
info Crossing The Line, Bill Cutler, 2008
info 06/27/08, Ironstone Ampitheatre, Murphys, CA, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 06/29/08, The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, Gov't Mule, 2008
info Live, Canandaigua, NY, 8-22-08, Allman Brothers Band, 2008
info Live, Camden, NJ, 8-23-08, Allman Brothers Band, 2008
info Live, Hershey, PA, 8-25-08, Allman Brothers Band, 2008
info Live, Chicago, Illinois, 8-28-08, Allman Brothers Band, 2008
info Live, Morrison, Colorado, 8-30-08, Allman Brothers Band, 2008
info Live, Beacon Theater, NYC, 3/28/09, Allman Brothers Band, 2009
info Live, Wanee Festival, 4/20/12, Allman Brothers, 2012
info Move Me Brightly performance/documentary, 2013
info Outside Lands, Tim Flannery, 2013
info Live, Scranton, PA, 08/16/13, Allman Brothers, 2013
info TRI Sessions, Vol. 1, Fog, 2013
info Garcia Live: Volume Five: December 31st, 1975, Keystone, Berkeley, Jerry Garcia Band, 2014
info 8/15/15, The Peach Music Festival, Scranton, PA, Billy & The Kids, 2015

With others: compilations

info Days Of Wine and Vinyl , Various Artists, 1972
info Warner/Reprise Display Case, Vol. 9, Various Artists, 1972
no info Pop/AOR Best Bets, Various Artists, 197?
info The Relix Sampler, Various Artists, 1985
info Double Dose, Kingfish, 1988
info Relix Sampler (Europe), Various Artists, 1993
info Greatest Hits, Volume 3, Bob Dylan, 1994
info Relix Bay Rock Shop, #6 - Hot Tuna Special No. 1, Hot Tuna, 1994, Relix RBRS0006
info Relix Records Best of Blues, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1997
info Relix's Best Of Kingfish, Kingfish, 1997
info Something Borrowed, Something New, Country Joe McDonald, 1998
info Dead Delites, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 2000
info The Best Of Bob Dylan, Vol. 2, Bob Dylan, 2000
info Essential Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, 2000
info The Very Best Of, Bob Dylan, 2000
info Rare Live Performances, Various Artists, 2001
info Lost Gems, Various Artists, 2001
info Live From Bonnaroo, Various Artists, 2002
info High Times Presents Rip This Joint, Various Artists, 2002
info Trilogy, Rob Wasserman, 2004
info HighTone Records Anthology: Rockin From The Roots, Various Artists, 2007
info Essential Bob Dylan Limited Edition 3.0, Bob Dylan, 2009
info Playlist: The Very Best of Bob Dylan '80s, Bob Dylan, 2010

Albums that include cover versions of Bob Weir compositions

Compositions on albums - major albums

info The Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, The Stanford Band, 1972
info Watkins Glen, King's Road, 1973
info Oh, What A Mighty Time, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, 1975
info The White EP, Pop-O-Pies, 1982
info Block S, The Stanford Band, 1982
info Disturbing The Peace: 415 Records Radio Sampler, Various Artists, 1983
info Joe's Second Record, Pop-O-Pies, 1984
info Live '85, Robert Hunter, 1985
info Joe's Third Record, Pop-O-Pies, 1985
info Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It, Henry Kaiser, 1988
info No Time, The Squalls, 1989
info Fresh Tracks In Real Time, Tom Constanten, 1989
info Five Man Acoustical Jam, Tesla, 1990
info Box Of Rain, Robert Hunter, 1990
info Heart's Desire, The Henry Kaiser Band, 1990
info Bloomington, Branford Marsalis Trio, 1991
info Deadicated, Various Artists, 1991
info Jah Kingdom, Burning Spear, 1991
info Nightfall Of Diamonds, Tom Constanten, 1992
info La Croix D'Amour, Dwight Yoakam, 1992
info Relix Bay Rock Shop No. 2, Various Artists, 1992
info A Historical Retrospective, Solar Circus, 1993
info Dead Ringers, Dead Ringers, 1994
info Cover The Songs Of..., The Bobs, 1994
info The Infinite Summer Of Love, Various Artists (The Beast), 1994
info Eternity Blue, Henry Kaiser, 1995
info Monday Prayer to Tunkashila, Pat Mallinger, 1995
info Long Live the Dead: A Tribute to the Grateful Dead, Billy and Terry Smith, 1996
info Fire On The Mountain - Reggae Celebrates The Grateful Dead, Various Artists, 1996
info Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology, Burning Spear, 1996
info Dark Star - The Music of the Grateful Dead, David Murray, 1996
info Blues For Allah Project, Joe Gallant and Illuminati, 1996
info Deadbeats Acoustic, Deadbeats, 1996
info Moonshine, The Hangovers, 1996
info Pickin' On The Grateful Dead, Various Artists, 1997
info Fire On The Mountain - Reggae Celebrates The Grateful Dead - Volume 2, Various Artists, 1997
info Jake's Leg, Jake's Leg, 1997
info Space Debris, Space Debris, 1997
info New York Downtown, Jazz and Other Sounds, Various Artists, 1997
info The Jazz Voice, Various Artists, 1997
info Relix's Best Of Truck Driving Songs, Various Artists, 1997
info The Music Of The Grateful Dead And Beyond, Live, Vol. 1, Joe Gallant and Illuminati, 1998
info The Music Of The Grateful Dead And Beyond, Live, Vol. 2, Joe Gallant and Illuminati, 1998
info Go Blue! The Ultimate Michigan Sports CD, Various Artists, 1998
info Blue Light Rain, Jazz Is Dead, 1998
info Release 1, The Schwag, 1998
info Realms, Jamie Janover, 1998
info Greatest Hits, 1970-1998, The Stanford Band, 1998
info Dead Delites, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1998
info Dead Delites, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1998
info Wasted Tasters, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, 199?
info Swingin' To The Grateful Dead, Various Artists, 1999
info Dream On, Michael O'Neill, 1999
info Terrapin, Joe Gallant and Illuminati, 1999
info Laughing Water, Jazz Is Dead, 1999
info IPO, Flying Other Brothers, 1999
info Oh Yeah! Live At The Tremont, The Blotter Boys, 1999
info Grateful Dreams, Tom Constanten, 2000
info Search For Intelligent Life, Dose Hermanos, 2000
info Secondary, Flying Other Brothers, 2000
info Jemimah Puddleduck, Jemimah Puddleduck, 2000
info Dead Grass, Dead Grass, 2000
info Might as Well...The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead, The Persuasions, 2000
info Florida Gators: Sounds That Rock the Swamp, Various Artists, 2000
info Lost Marbles, Lost Marbles, 2000
info Pickin' On The Grateful Dead, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 2000
info Stolen Roses, Various Artists, 2000
info Live At Twenty North, Jake's Leg, 2001
info Gratefully Yours, Jim Hudak, 2001
info Live At The Green Mill, Sabertooth, 2001
info The Sea To The North, Garth Hudson, 2001
info Great Sky River, Jazz Is Dead, 2001
info Blues Tribute To The Grateful Dead, Various Artists, 2001
info Gifts From The Dead, Gifts From The Dead, 2001
info Chants and Praises, Marimba Pacifica, 2001
info Long Strange Trip: Swingin' and Pickin' on the Grateful Dead, Various Artists, 2001
info There and Back Again (Special bonus disc release), Phil Lesh & Friends, 2002
info Electronic Tribute To The Grateful Dead, Various Artists, 2002
info 88 Keys to Tomorrow, Tom Constanten, 2002
info Reprise Please Baby: The Warner Bros, Dwight Yoakam, 2002
info Buckdancer's Choice, Wake The Dead, 2002
info Ukulele Summit 5, Various Artists, 2002
info Seventh House, Seventh House, 200?
info Thunder And Lightnin', Dark Star Orchestra, 2003
info In Others' Words, Dwight Yoakam, 2003
info The Tussler, Motorpsycho, 2003 (extended CD only)
info Grateful Guitar, David Cullen, 2003
info 02/20/03, State Theatre, Ithaca, NY, Gov't Mule, 2003
info Back On Track, Bees Make Honey, 2003
info Pop-O-Anthology 1984-1993, Pop-O-Pies, 2003
info Lost & Profound, Otter Loonacy, 2003
info Billy Iuso and the Restless Natives, Billy Iuso and the Restless Natives, 2004?
info 10/24/04, Palais Royale, Toronto, ON, Gov't Mule, 2004
info 11/17/04, MacEwan Hall, Calgary, AB, Gov't Mule, 2004
info Foundation, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 200?
info Excalibur, Von Cello, 200?
info Live At Mojo, Dreadnaught, 2005
info Deadgrass, Deadgrass, 2005
info Werewolves of Atlanta: Halloween 2004, Dark Star Orchestra, 2005
info The 1000th Show, Dark Star Orchestra, 2005
info 02/18/05, New Daisy Theater, Memphis, TN, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 02/23/05, Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 04/04/05, The Alcatraz, Milan, ITA, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 04/21/05, Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino, Hampton Beach, NH, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 06/26/05, Art Voice, Buffalo, NY, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 09/03/05, Bluesrock Festival, Tegelen, NLD, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 10/06/05, Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 10/27/05, House Of Blues, San Diego, CA, Gov't Mule, 2005
info 11/10/05, Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL, Gov't Mule, 2005
info Hi-Cue Billards, Hit Crew, 2005
info DJ's Choice: Live to Ride, Hit Crew, 2005
info Relix Magazine April/May 2006 Free CD, Various Artists, 2006
info Intersections, Bruce Hornsby, 2006
info For Rex : The Black Tie Dye Ball, The Zen Tricksters and Special Guests, 2006
info 08/31/06, Rococo Theatre, Lincoln, NE, Gov't Mule, 2006
info 10/12/06, Senator Theatre, Chico, CA, Gov't Mule, 2006
info 11/07/06, The Venue, Gainesville, FL, Gov't Mule, 2006
info 11/18/06, Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH, Gov't Mule, 2006
info 11/25/06, Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT, Gov't Mule, 2006
info Barlow Shanghai: Live, Mr. Blotto, 2006
info Dead Symphony No. 6 : An Orchestral Tribute to the Music of the Grateful Dead, Lee Johnson/Russian National Orchestra, 2007
info Under The Radar, Space Debris, 2007
info 04/23/07, Texas Music Hall, Baton Rouge, LA, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 06/09/07, Docks Music Hall, Hamburg, DE, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 07/10/07, Stodola Club, Warsaw, POL, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 09/14/07, Le National, Montreal, QB, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 10/07/07, Proctor's Theatre, Schenectady, NY, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 10/12/07, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 10/21/07, Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 10/26/07, Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 10/31/07, O'Shaughnessy Auditroium, St. Paul, MN, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 11/08/07, Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, Gov't Mule, 2007
info 12/29/07, Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, Gov't Mule, 2007
info Live at Bell's, Greensky Bluegrass, 2007
info Last Of The Jewish Pirates, Steve Lieberman, 2007
info 2b Continued..., Tomas Nicholas, 2007
info On The Spirit Trail, Woody, 2007
info Under the Influence: Drinking Songs, Vol. 1, PJ Elliott, 2008
info 04/13/08, Lincoln Theatre Street Stage, Raleigh, NC, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 04/27/08, Granada Theater, Dallas, TX, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 05/31/08, Mountain Jam, Hunter, NY, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 06/24/08, The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 07/01/08, Humphreys By The Bay, San Diego, CA, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 07/14/08, Skyline Stage, Chicago, IL, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 07/25/08, House Of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 08/01/08, Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 08/09/08, Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, GA, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 09/13/08, Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, Telluride, CO, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 10/30/08, The Flynn Theatre, Burlington, VT, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 11/06/08, Madison Theatre, Covington, KY, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 11/11/08, Royal Oak Theatre, Royal Oak, MI, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 12/28/08, Angel Orensanz Center, New York, NY, Gov't Mule, 2008
info 30 Years, Jake's Leg, 2008
info Holy Haunted House, Gov't Mule, 2008
info Ithaca 30 Years Later, Dark Star Orchestra, 2008
info Mick's Picks, Volume 2: Cavern Club, Liverpool March 23, 2004, Jefferson Starship, 2008
info At Fine Arts Center, UMass, Amherst, MA 11/16/07, The American Beauty Project, 2009
info Under The Covers, Vol. 2, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs, 2009
info 02/06/09, Stubbs, Austin, TX, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 02/13/09, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 06/05/09, Wanee Festival, Live Oak, FL, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 07/05/09, Rothbury Festival, Rothbury, MI, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 07/15/09, Weesner Amphitheatre, Apple Valley, MN, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 07/18/09, Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellvue, CO, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 07/30/09, National Harbor Pavilion, Washington, DC, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 09/10/09, Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Bozeman, MT, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 09/20/09, House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 10/29/09, State Theatre, Ithaca, NY, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 11/06/09, Rolling Stone Weekender, Lubeck, DE, Gov't Mule, 2009
info 11/12/09, Alcatraz, Milan, ITA, Gov't Mule, 2009
info Songs Of The New West, David Rogers, 2010
info One Hesher, Two Punx And A Hippy, Punk Is Dead, 2010
info 01/16/10, Island Exodus, Negril, JM, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 01/30/10, The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 02/12/10, Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 04/30/10, Mahalia Jackson Theatre, New Orleans, LA, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 05/29/10, Hookahville Legend Valley, Thornville, OH, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 06/22/10, Le Kursaal, Limbourg, BEL, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 07/18/10, Uptown Amphitheatre & Music Factory, Charlotte, NC, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 08/01/10, Riverfront Park, Cocoa, FL, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 08/14/10, Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 09/05/10, Taos Mountain Music Festival, Taos, NM, Gov't Mule, 2010
info 10/23/10, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, Gov't Mule, 2010
info Yoga Pop Ups: Yoga Tribute To Grateful Dead, 2010
info Lullaby Versions of Grateful Dead, 2010
info Dead To The Core, Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, 2010
info Electric_Willie: A Tribute To Willie Dixon, Elliott Sharp, Henry Kaiser et al, 2010
info Short Time Here, Long Time Gone, The Goodhues, 2010
info Seattle Peace Concert, Ultraviolet Uforia, 2010
info Persuasions Of The Dead: The Grateful Dead Sessions, The Persuasions & Friends, 2011
info 01/30/11, Island Exodus II, Negril, JM, Gov't Mule, 2011
info Songs For A New Day: Almost Acoustic, Phil McGee, 2011
info New Morning Waltz: Sounds Of Mandolin Americana, Sam Lyman, 2012
info First Rehearsals, Sycamore Slough String Band, 2012
info 01/14/12, Island Exodus III, Negril, JM, Gov't Mule, 2012
info 06/23/12, Stone Pony Summerstage, Asbury Park, NJ, Gov't Mule, 2012
info 09/21/12, The Warfield, San Francisco, CA Gov't Mule, 2012
info 10/25/12, Westhampton PAC, Westhampton, NY, Gov't Mule, 2012
info D'Eadphibians, D'Amphibians, 2012
info Solid, Damia Timoner, 2012
info 04/26/13, Merlefest, Wilkesboro, NC, Gov't Mule, 2013
info Live At The Rustic Barn, The Bear Bones Project, 2014
info Capitol, Hannover, DE, Gov't Mule, 2014
info 07/22/14, Sloss Furnace, Birmingham, AL, Gov't Mule, 2014
info 11/06/14, Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, Gov't Mule, 2014
info Grand Piano Tribute to the Grateful Dead, Rob Catterton, 2015
info 02/27/15, Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL, Gov't Mule, 2015
info 05/08/15, Kaufleuten, Zurich, CH, Gov't Mule, 2015
info 07/15/15, Revolution Events Center, Boise, ID, Gov't Mule, 2015
info 01/18/16, Island Exodus VII, Runaway Bay, JM, Gov't Mule, 2016
info 04/19/16, Trustees Theater, Savannah, GA, Gov't Mule, 2016
info 05/12/16, O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, GB, Gov't Mule, 2016
info 05/19/16, Huxley's, Berlin, DEU, Gov't Mule, 2016
info 08/19/16, Meadow Brook Amphitheatre, Rochester Hills, MI, Gov't Mule, 2016
info 08/31/16, Sonoma Mountain Village, Ronhert Park, CA, Gov't Mule, 2016

Other non-playing references to Weir on albums

info Space Island, Rob Wasserman, 2000 (Thanked in booklet cover)
info Trichromes, Trichromes, 2002 (Thanked in CD booklet)

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