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If 6 Was 9

A Tribute To Jimmy Hendrix

Various Artists

Initial release : 1990

Imaginary ILL 800

Bob Weir, as a member of Obsequious Cheeselog, plays on the title track of this tribute compilation.

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  • May This Be Love (Hendrix)
  • The Wind Cries Mary (Hendrix)
  • Fire (Hendrix)
  • Third Stone From The Sun (Hendrix)
  • Spanish Castle Magic (Hendrix)
  • I Don't Live Today (Hendrix)
  • Can You See Me? (Hendrix)
  • Who Knows? (Hendrix)
  • Purple Haze (Hendrix)
  • Spanish Castle Magic (Hendrix)
  • Foxy Lady (Hendrix)
  • You Got Me Floatin' (Hendrix)
  • If 6 Was 9 (Hendrix)
The Imaginary Records CD release has extra tracks;
  • Voodoo Chile (Hendrix)
  • Ain't No Telling (Hendrix)
  • Are You Experienced (Hendrix)

The tracks on this compilation are performed by;

  • May This Be Love - Thin White Rope
  • The Wind Cries Mary - Chuck Prophet & Scott Mathews
  • Fire - Trick Bag
  • Third Stone From The Sun - David Dreams
  • Spanish Castle Magic - The Monks Of Doom
  • I Don't Live Today - The Corn Dollies
  • Can You See Me? - Thee [sic] Hypnotics
  • Who Knows? - Bevis Frond
  • Purple Haze - The Shamen
  • Spanish Castle Magic - The Stretch Heads
  • Foxy Lady - Giant Sand
  • You Got Me Floatin' - Styler & Baldwin
  • If 6 Was 9 - Obsequious Cheeselog*

  • Voodoo Chile - The Membranes
  • Ain't No Telling - 501 Spanish Verbs
  • Are You Experienced - The Mock Turtles
* the group name appears on the album sleeve as Obsequious Cheesecake

According to Gary Lambert the musicians on If 6 Was 9 are;

  • Bob Weir - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Henry Kaiser - lead guitar
  • Glenn Phillips - lead guitar
  • Mark McQuade Crawford - drums
  • Gary Lambert - bass
The credits on the Imaginary Records release include;
  • Special thanks to: Dave Gregory, Andy Partridge, Bob Weir, Henry Kaiser, Glenn Phillips, Camper Van Beethoven, Green On Red and the rest of the bands taking part.
Additionally a sticker on the front of the Communion Records issue says;
  • We're not supposed to tell you that this album features performances by Camper Van Beethoven, XTC and Bob Weir.

  • Sleeve Artwork - Sweeton-Hopkins-Hall Consultants
  • Front Cover - Harry Horse
  • Dedicated to Jimi Hendrix and the free spirit 1990

Also issued in 1990 on Communion Records COMM 18

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