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Relix Sampler (Europe)

Various Artists

Initial release : 1993 (Europe only)

Relix RSXCD 101

This sampler compilation includes two Robert Hunter tracks, one Tom Constanten track and two other tracks, one NRPS and one Matt Kelly, On which Garcia plays.


  • Big Bayou (G. Guilbeau)
  • New Song (For The Morning) (Jorma Kaukonen)
  • Amagamalin Street (Robert Hunter)
  • Dangerous Relations (Matt Kelly)
  • I Don't Know You (John Dawson)
  • The Saddest Feeling (Simmonds / Raymond)
  • Comin' Up Fast (Boynton / Winter / Russell)
  • It Must Have Been The Roses (Robert Hunter)
  • I Know You Rider (Traditional)

The performers on the tracks are;

  • Big Bayou - Flying Burrito Brothers
  • New Song (For The Morning) - Hot Tuna
  • Amagamalin Street - Robert Hunter
  • Dangerous Relations - Matt Kelly
  • I Don't Know You - New Riders Of The Purple Sage
  • The Saddest Feeling - Savoy Brown
  • Comin' Up Fast Johnny Winter
  • It Must Have Been The Roses - Robert Hunter
  • I Know You Rider - Tom Constanten
Amagamalin Street is the title track of the Robert Hunter album. The musicians on this track are;
  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals
  • Vaclav Berosini - bass
  • Roy Blumenfeld - drums
  • John Cipollina - drums, guitar
It Must Have Been The Roses is taken from the Robert Hunter compilation Promontory Rider. It was originally released on his album Tales Of The Great Rum Runners. The musicians on this tracks are;
  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals
  • Buddy Cage - pedal steel
  • Markee Shubb - mandolin
  • Rick Shubb - banjo
  • Mickey Hart - drums
  • Donna Godchaux - vocals
  • Peter Albin - bass
Dangerous Relations is taken from A Wing And A Prayer by Matt Kelly. The musicians on the track are;
  • Ron Eglit - pedal steel
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar
  • Chris Herold - drums
  • Matt Kelly - guitar
  • Rahni Rains - vocals
  • Dave Torbert - bass
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
I Don't Know You is taken from Vintage NRPS on which the musicians are;
  • John Dawson - guitar, vocals
  • Spencer Dryden - drums
  • David Nelson - guitar, vocals
  • Dave Torbert - bass, vocals
  • Jerry Garcia - pedal steel, guitar

For the original recording of Amagamalin Street;

  • Engineer, Mixing - Richard Moore, Fred Waxler
  • Recorded at Marin Sound, San Rafael
For the original recording of It Must Have Been The Roses;
  • Directed by Robert Hunter
  • Engineered by Dan Healy, Steve Brandon and Bob Matthews
  • Mixed by Jerry Garcia
  • Technical and production assistance by Barry Melton and Mickey Hart
  • Recorded at Rolling Thunder Studios
  • Mixed at Alembic
For the original recording of Vintage NRPS;
  • Producer - David Nelson
  • Engineer - David Luke
For the original recording of Wing And A Prayer;
  • Produced by Matt Kelly
  • Part recorded at the Record Plant, Sausalito, 1973
Further information will be added when available.

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Amagamalin Street was taken from;

It Must Have Been The Roses was taken from; It Must Have Been The Roses was originally released on; Dangerous Relations was taken from; I Don't Know You was taken from;
  • Vintage NRPS, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, 1986, Relix 2025
I Know You Rider was taken from; New song (For The Morning) was taken from;