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Political World single

Bob Dylan

Initial release : 1990

CBS 655643

This 12" single includes Silvio taken from the Down In The Groove album. Silvio was co-written by Robert Hunter and includes Garcia, Weir and Mydland on backing vocals.

album cover

  • Political World
  • Ring Them Bells
  • All Along The Watchtower
  • Silvio

The musicians on Silvio are;

  • Bob Dylan - guitar, vocals
  • Mike Baird - drums
  • Carol Dennis - vocals
  • Nathan East - bass
  • Jerry Garcia - vocals
  • Brent Mydland - vocals
  • Madelyn Quebec - vocals
  • Bob Weir - vocals
Related releases

Silvio was originally released on;

The other songs on this single are from the following sources;
  • Political World and Ring Them Bells - Oh Mercy, Bob Dylan, 1989
  • All Along The Watchtower - Before The Flood, Bob Dylan, 1974