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Greatest Hits Live


Initial release : 2003

King Biscuit

Repackaged single CD release of a live recording, from the King Biscuit Hour archive, of Kingfish at the time that Bob Weir was still an active member of the group. Includes versions of Weir's Grateful Dead songs; Lazy Lightning/Supplication and One More Saturday Night. The show was at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on April 3, 1976.


  • Mystery Train (Parker/Phillips)
  • Mule Skinner Blues (Rodgers/Vaughn)
  • Juke (Jacobs)
  • Jump Back (Thomas)
  • Goodbye Yer Honor (Hovey/Kelly/Torbert)
  • I Hear You Knockin' (Bartholomew/King)
  • Around and Around (Berry)
  • Hidden Charm (Dixon)
  • Bye and Bye (Traditional)
  • Promised Land (Berry)
  • Lazy Lightning/Supplication (Barlow/Weir)
  • Jump for Joy (Carter/Gilbert)
  • Asia Minor (Carter/Gilbert)
  • One More Saturday Night (Weir)

  • Chris Herold - drums
  • Robbie Hoddinott - lead guitar
  • Matthew Kelly - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Dave Torbert - bass, vocals
  • Bob Weir - rhythm guitar, vocals
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