Sally Goodin'

Composer: Traditional

Jerry Garcia recordings

info Before The Dead, Jerry Garcia, 2018

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Played by the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers in San Carlos on June 11th 1962.

Jerry Garcia played this song whilst sitting in with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on April 28, 1974.

A country dance / play-party tune that is known to have been popular in the 1890's and probably earlier. Thought to be one of the most popular southern fiddle tunes on record. Occurs with many variations in the title such as Sally Goodun, Sally Gooden, Sally Good'n the most regularly used is Sally Goodin'.

The version performed by the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers has a fairly cursory vocal content, more or less an instrumental with a pair of couplets added for ornamentation.

Little piece of pie, little piece of puddin',
I'm goin' down the road to see Sally Goodin'

Goin' down the road, the road's a little muddy,
So durn (drunk?) I can't stand steady.

The Robertson / Gillilard release in 1922 of Sally Goodin' w/ Arkansaw Traveller (Victor 18956) is identified by some as the 'first' country (hillbilly) record.

Library of Congress hold recordings of the song by;

Justus Begley (banjo), Hazard, Kentucky, 1937

W.E. Claunch (fiddle), 1939

Oscar Harper, Harold Clem, Homer Peters and Ray Hanby, Dallas, 1942.