Sweet Sunny South
Composer: Traditional

Sweet Sunny South was performed by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman in the 1990's. Also performed by Jerry Garcia with the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers in San Carlos on June 11th 1962, a performance that circulates on tape. The lyrics of this early performance are given at the bottom of this page.

Early versions of this song generally have the title as Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South. It also occurs on recordings as Bright Sunny South.

The song possibly dates from the American Civil War. Writing credits are sometimes given as W.L. Bloomfield.

Jerry Garcia recordings

info Shady Grove, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 1996
info Grateful Dawg Soundtrack, David Grisman / Jerry Garcia / Various Artists, 2001
info Before The Dead, Jerry Garcia, 2018
info Shady Grove: Deluxe Edition, Garcia/Grisman, 2020

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Jerry Garcia lyrics

The lyrics used by Garcia with the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers in 1962 are as follows;

Take me back to the place where I first saw the light,
To the sweet sunny south, take me home,
Where the mocking birds sing me to rest every night,
Oh why was I tempted to roam.

I think with regret of the dear home I left,
Of the warm hearts that sheltered me there,
Of wife and of dear ones of whom I'm bereft,
For the old place again I do sigh.

Take me back to the place where the orange trees grow,
To my (plot/cot?) in the evergreen shade,
Where the flowers from the river's green margin do (grow/blow?),
And spread their sweet scent through the glade.

Oh the path to our cottage they say has grown green,
And the place is quite lonely around,
I know that the smiles and the forms that I've seen,
Now lie in the dark mossy ground.

Take me back, let me see, what is left that I knew,
Can it be that the old house is gone,
Dear friends of my childhood indeed (must be few?)
And I must (face death all alone?).

But yet I'll return to the place of my birth,
Where the children have played round the door,
And they gathered wild blossoms that grew round the path
That'll echo our footsteps no more.

Take me back to the place where my little one sleeps,
For (old massa?) lies buried close by,
Oh the graves of my loved ones I long for to weep,
And among them to rest when I die.

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