Salty Dog Blues

Composer: Traditional / Charlie Jackson / Wiley Morris / Zeke Morris

Jerry Garcia recordings

info Before The Dead, Jerry Garcia, 2018

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Played by the Hart Valley Drifters at the College of San Mateo in San Mateo on November 10th 1962. Played by the Black Mountain Boys on the 7th March 1964. Also played by Jerry Garcia during a banjo lesson / demonstration on April 14, 1964.

The lyrics of the version performed by the Black Mountain Boys are as follows;

I was standing on the corner with the low-down blues
Great big hole in the bottom of my shoes
Baby let me be your salty dog

Let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be your man at all
Honey let me be your salty dog

I was down in wild wood sitting on a log
Finger on the trigger [and eye on hog]
Honey let me be your salty dog

Let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be your man at all
Honey let me be your salty dog

Now look here Sal I know you
Run down [stocking] and a worn-out shoe
Honey let me be your salty dog

Let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be your man at all
Honey let me be your salty dog

I pulled the trigger and the gun said go
Shot fell over in Mexico
Honey let me be your salty dog

Let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be your man at all
Honey let me be your salty dog

Now let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be your man at all
Honey let me be your salty dog

Credits on recordings sometimes to Wiley and Zeke Morris sometimes to Charlie Jackson. But may well be a traditional song that Jackson adopted. Sometimes called simply Salty Dog though there are other songs with this title. Also songs New Salty Blues and New Salty Dog which may well be related.