Barbara Allen

Composer: Traditional

Grateful Dead

No Grateful Dead recordings.


This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

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Performed only twice by the Dead, on both occasions, 12th and 30th Dec 1981, with Joan Baez.

First recorded mention of this traditional song is in Pepys Diary. On 2nd January 1666 he records hearing an actress singing the song.

Collected in Herd's Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs and Heroic Ballads of 1776 as Bonny Barbara Allan. Also mentioned in Ramsey's Tea Table Miscellany. It was collected by Francis Child as is recorded as Child's Ballad number 84.

Barbara Allen is usually the most commonly occurring song in ballad collections. For example, The Traditional Tunes Of The Child Ballads, Vol II by B. H. Bronson lists 198 variations of the song, collected in England, Scotland and many areas of the US.

Title variations include Barbara Ellen, Barbara Allyn, Bonny Barbara Allen, Barbarous Ellen and Sweet William.