Tore Up Over You
Composer: Hank Ballard

Tore Up Over You was performed over 230 times by the Legion of Mary and the Jerry Garcia Band between 1975 and 1995.

The song was also played by Phil Lesh & Friends, the Trichromes and Gordon, Kreutzmann & Murawski.

The song was first released on a single by Hank Ballards group The Midnighters in 1956.

Jerry Garcia

info Reflections, 1976
info For Deadheads (UK Sampler), Various Artists, 1976
info How Sweet It Is, 1997
info Don't Let Go, 2001
info All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions, 2004
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info Garcia Live: Vol Ten: May 20, 1990, Jerry Garcia Band, 2018
info Garcia Live: Vol 17, Jerry Garcia Band, 2021
info Garcia Live: Vol 19: Oakland, Oct 31, 1992, Jerry Garcia Band, 2022

Other Merl Saunders recording

info The Third Annual Gathering on the Mountain, Various Artists, 1999

Bill Kreutzmann

info Dice With The Universe, The Trichromes, 2002

Railroad Earth: live concert recordings

info January 1, 2011, Denver, CO, Railroad Earth, 2011
info March 3, 2012, Portland, OR, Railroad Earth, 2012
info June 1, 2012, Ozark, AR, Railroad Earth, 2012
info February 7, 2013, Charlottesville, VA, Railroad Earth, 2013
info March 14, 2013, Buffalo, NY, Railroad Earth, 2013
info January 9, 2014, Milwaukee, WI, Railroad Earth, 2014
info January 22, 2015, Denver, CO, Railroad Earth, 2015
info February 28, 2015, Washington, DC, Railroad Earth, 2015

Hank Ballard

no info Single (Early One Morning / Tore Up Over You), The Midnighters, 1956
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no info The EP Collection...Plus, Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, 2000
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no info Tore Up Over You, Hank Ballard, 2008
info Nothing But Good: 1952-1962, Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, 2009
info Come on and Get It: The Singles Collection 1954-1959, Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, 2010

Other recordings

no info Single (Tore Up / I Get So Tired), Harmonica Fats, 1961
no info Single (Tore Up / Lonely), Sleepy LaBeef, 1963?
no info People Get Ready, The Chambers Brothers, 1965
no info Single (And I Love Her / Tore Up Over You), Roy Hamilton, 1965
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info On The Road: March 10, 2011, Broomfield, CO, String Cheese Incident, 2011
info On The Road: July 2, 2011, Rothbury, MI, String Cheese Incident, 2011
info On The Road: Nov 12, 2014, Port Chester, NY, String Cheese Incident, 2014

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