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Dice With The Universe

The Trichromes

Initial release : 2002

33rd Street Records 3307

A three song CD from Bill Kreutzmann's group. Includes a version of New Speedway Boogie and a new song with lyrics by Robert Hunter. For more information see The Trichromes web site.


  • Dice With the Universe (Hunter / Schon / Walker)
  • New Speedway Boogie (Hunter / Garcia)
  • Tore Up Over You (Ballard)

  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
  • Sy Klopps - vocals
  • Ralph Woodson - guitar, vocals
  • Ira Walker - bass, vocals
  • Neal Schon - guitar

  • Producer - Herbie Herbert, Steve Parish
  • Recorded by - Tom Paddock
  • Dice With The Universe was recorded at Club Front studio
  • New Speedway Boogie and Tore Up were recorded live at the Fillmore
  • Mixing - Henry L. Sarmiento, Dave Denny
  • CD mastering - Jeffrey Norman
  • Internet mastering, CD editing - Tom Paddock, Ira Walker
  • Second engineer - Haroon Tahir, Ira Walker, Rose Freeman, Brett Allen
  • Album art - Will Cascio, Bill Kreutzmann
  • Album package design - Tom Paddock, Bill Kreutzmann, Will Cascio

  • This album is dedicated to the memory of Ken Kesey
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