Single Girl, Married Girl
Composer: Traditional

A version of Single Girl, Married Girl was played by Phil Lesh with the Terrapin Family Band in 2013. This version is very similar to the Carter Family recording of the song.

The Carter Family first recorded the song in 1927.

The Carter Family song is one of a number of related songs that have a common theme. These songs have a variety of lyrics and a variety of titles. Other titles include; Single Girl, I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again, and I Wish I Was A Single Again. There are recordings of some of these songs that predate the Carter Family recordings.

The list below is a brief selection of recordings of Single Girl, Married Girl plus a few that use other titles. A more comprehensive list may be added at a furure date.


This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

no info 10" 78 rpm (Single Girl, Married Girl / The Storms Are On The Ocean), The Carter Family, 1927
no info 10" 78 rpm (Single Girl, Married Girl / The Storms Are On The Ocean), The Carter Family, 1930
no info 10" 78 rpm (Sad And Lonesome Day / Single Girl, Married Girl), The Carter Family, 1937
info Anthology Of American Folk Music, Vol. 3: Songs, Various Artists (Carter Family), 1952
info Bowling Green, Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling, 1956
no info Single (I Ain't Gonna Let Her Do It Anymore / Single Girl, Married Girl), Dave Woolum With Noah Craase, 1955
info When I Was A Young Girl, Barbara Dane, 1959
info Roamin' the Blue Ridge with Jeanie West, Harry & Jeanie West, 1960?
info When I Was A Young Girl, Barbara Dane, 1962
info In Concert, Peter, Paul and Mary, 1964
info String Band Project, Various Artists (The Spontaneous String Band), 1965
info Remembrance of Things to Come, The New Lost City Ramblers, 1966
no info Bluegrass Old And New, Larry Sparks And The Lonesome Ramblers, 1972
no info The Original Carter Family From 1936 Radio Transcripts, The Carter Family, 1975
info Early Days Of Bluegrass, Vol. 2, Various Artists (Dave Woolum & Curley Tuttle & The Laurel County Boys), 1976
info This is Rose Maddox, Rose Maddox, 1977
no info The Phipps Family Records In Bristol, Va. Tenn., The Phipps Family, 1977
info 39th National Folk Festival, Various Artists (Albert Hash and the Whitetop Mountain Band), 1977
no info Legendary Performers, Volume 1, The Carter Family, 1979
info Rose Of The West Country, Rose Maddox, 1980
no info Country & Western Classics The Women, Various Artists (Sara Carter), 1981
no info Early And Essential, Volume 1, Larry Sparks, 1985
no info The Bristol Sessions, Various Artists (The Carter Family), 1987
no info Anchored in Love: Their Complete Victor Recordings (1927-28), Carter Family, 1993
no info Keep On The Sunny Side: A Tribute To The Carter Family, Various Artists (Pleasure Box), 1993
info All Kinds of Folks: Prestige/Folklore Years, Vol. 1, Various Artists (Maxine Sellers), 1994
info The Man in Black: 1963-1969, 1996
info Mountain Music of Kentucky (CD), Various Artists (Roscoe Holcomb), 1996
info Southern Journey, Vol. 2: Ballads and Breakdown, Various Artists (Ruby Vass), 1997
info Respect: A Century Of Women In Music, Various Artists (Carter Family), 1999
info In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain, The Carter Family, 2000
no info Can The Circle Be Unbroken: Country Music's First Family, The Carter Family, 2000
no info Keep On The Sunny Side: The Best Of, Volume One, The Carter Family, 2000
info Country Bluegrass, Harry & Jeanie West, 2000
no info Songs of the Carter Family, Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin, 2000
info Songcatcher, Various Artists (Pat Carrell), 2001
info The Carter Family: 1927-1934, The Carter Family, 2002
info Under the Covers, The Clumsy Lovers, 2002
no info The Willies, Bill Frisell, 2002
no info The Bristol Sessions Vol. 1, Various Artists (The Carter Family), 2002
info The Carter Family: 1935-1941, The Carter Family, 2003
info An Untamed Sense of Control, Roscoe Holcomb, 2003
no info The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family, Various Artists (Shawn Colvin, Randy Scruggs and Earl Scruggs), 2004
info Strings and Things, Vol. 1, Various Artists (Shawn Colvin, Randy Scruggs and Earl Scruggs), 2005
no info Early Country Radio, Various Artists (The Carter Family), 2005
info The Harry Smith Project: Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited, Various Artists (Petra Haden), 2006
no info Dirt Farmer, Levon Helm, 2007
info The Definitive Collection 1947-1966, The Stanley Brothers, 2007
no info Most Of All, Laura Boosinger & Josh Goforth, 2008
info Rambling Boy, Charlie Haden Family & Friends, 2008
no info The Long Winter Vol. 2: Under The Influence: Covers, Christian Williams, 2009
no info Hard Times, Red Dog, 2009
no info Our Town, Blake Thomas, 2011
no info The Storms are on the Ocean, Maria & Kieran, 2011
no info America Salutes The Carter Family, Various Artists (Jack Lewis and Marcie Lebrun), 2011
no info Hall Of Fame Bluegrass, Junior Sisk And Joe Mullins, 2013
no info The Haden Triplets, The Haden Triplets, 2014
no info My Life & Legacy: Very Best of, Ralph Stanley, 2014
no info Banjo Babes 2015 Compilation Album, Various Artists (Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys), 2014
no info The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes And The Course Of Country Music, 2015
no info Folkadelphia Sessions Volume IV, Various Artists (John Reilly And Friends), 2016
no info The Ballad Of Shirley Collins, Various Artists (Ruby Vass), 2018

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