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Roamin' the Blue Ridge with Jeanie West

Harry & Jeanie West

Initial release : 1960?



  • Six More Miles (Traditional)
  • Greenback Dollar (Traditional)
  • The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band (Carlisle / Foree)
  • Have a Feast Here Tonight (Monroe)
  • Poor Ellen Smith (Traditional)
  • The Storms Are on the Ocean (Carter)
  • Tramp on the Street (Cole)
  • Single Girl Married Girl (Carter)
  • You're a Flower Blooming in the Wildwood (Traditional)
  • Little Margaret (Traditional)
  • The Gypsy's Warning)
  • The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee (Traditional)
  • Green Grow the Violets (Traditional)
  • Brown Eyes (Those Dark Eyes) (Traditional)
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