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The Cold Hard Facts of Life / Soul Of A Convict

Porter Wagoner

Initial release : 2008


A single CD released of two albums from 1967 plus bonus tracks.


  • The First Mrs. Jones (Anderson)
  • Words and Music (Bulla)
  • The Cold Hard Facts of Life (Anderson)
  • Sleep (Clement)
  • Hundred Dollar Funeral (McAlpin)
  • If I Could Only Start Over (Bradshaw)
  • Tragic Romance (Grandpa Jones)
  • Try Being Lonely (McCormick / Trenet)
  • I'll Get Ahead Some Day (Magaha)
  • I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye (Nelson)
  • Shopworn (Harris)
  • Julie (Jennings)
  • Boston Jail (Sean / Stough)
  • The Convict and the Rose (Chapin / King)
  • I Relived My Life Today (McAlprin)
  • I'm Just Here to Get My Baby out of Jail (Davis / Taylor)
  • Let Me In (Crysler)
  • The Big River Train (Mullins)
  • The Snakes Crawl at Night (Burch / Tills)
  • They're All Going Home But One (Davis / Taylor)
  • Folsom Prison (Cash)
  • Soul of a Convict (Sovine)
  • Green Green Grass of Home (Putman)
  • (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Davis / Williams)
  • I Lived So Fast and Hard (Parton)
  • Your Mother's Eyes (Tillis)
  • Julie (Jennings)
  • Be Proud of Your Man (White / White)
  • House of Shame (Parton)
  • Fallen Leaves (Grandpa Jones)
Related releases

Tracks 1 to 12 were originally released on;

Tracks 13 to 24 were originally released on; I Lived So Fast and Hard, Your Mother's Eyes and Fallen Leaves were originally released on; The second version of Julie was probably originally released on a single;
  • Julie / Try Being Lonely, Porter Wagoner, 1967
Be Proud Of Your Man was originally released on a single;
  • Be Proud Of Your Man / Wino, Porter Wagoner, 1968
House Of Shame was originally released on;
  • Me and My Boys, Porter Wagoner & The Wagonmasters, 1969
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