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Best of the Sugar Hill Years

Peter Rowan

Initial release : 2007

Sugar Hill

This collection of Peter Rowan tracks taken from his 1982 to 1996 recordings on the Sugar Hill label

Tracks / Musicians

  • That High Lonesome Sound (Rowan)
  • A Jealous Heart and a Worried Mind (Rowan)
  • Walls of Time (Monroe / Rowan)
  • Dust Bowl Children (Rowan)
  • Girl in the Blue Velvet Band (Traditional)
  • All on a Rising Day (Flynn / Rowan)
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour (Rowan)
  • Rainmaker (Nicholson / Rowan)
  • The First Whippoorwill (Monroe)
  • You Taught Me How to Lose (Rowan)
  • Memories of You (Smith)
  • Last Train (Rowan)
  • Howlin' at the Moon (Rowan)
  • Wild Geese Cry Again (Rowan)
  • Meadow Green (Rowan)
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Walls of Time was originally released on;

The First Whippoorwill was originally released on; That High Lonesome Sound, Memories of You and Meadow Green were originally released on; Dust Bowl Children and Rainmaker were originally released on; All on a Rising Day, Last Train and Howlin' at the Moon were originally released on; Girl In A Blue Velvet Band and You Taught Me How To Lose were originally released on;
  • Yonder, Peter Rowan and Jerry Douglas, 1996
A Jealous Heart and a Worried Mind and Wild Geese Cry Again were originally released on; Hiroshima Mon Amour has been included on two Pete Rowan albums on Sugar Hill. Uncertain which version is used on this collection. The possible source albums are;
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