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The Best Of Lee Michaels

Lee Michaels

Initial release : 1997

One Way 33648

A compilation of tracks from the first six albums released on A&M between 1968 and 1972 plus a couple of singles tracks from the same period..


  • Hello (Michaels)
  • My Friends (Michaels)
  • Carnival of Life (Michaels)
  • Sounding the Sleeping (Michaels)
  • The War (Michaels)
  • Basic Knowledge (Michaels)
  • If I Lose You (Marks/Michaels)
  • Grocery Soldier (Michaels)
  • Heighty Hi (Michaels)
  • Stormy Monday (Walker)
  • Mad Dog (Michaels)
  • Thumbs (Michaels)
  • Day of Change
  • Uummmm My Lady (Michaels)
  • Do You Know What I Mean (Michaels)
  • Can I Get a Witness
  • Oak Fire (Michaels)
  • Rock Me Baby (Josea/King)
  • Hold on to Freedom (Michaels)
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Hello, Carnival Of Life, My Friends and Sounding The Sleeping were originally released on;

The War, Basic Knowledge, If I Lose You and Grocery Soldier were originally released on; Stormy Monday and Heighty-Hi were originally released on; Mad Dog, Thumbs Day Of Change and Uummmm My Lady were originally released on; Do You Know What I Mean, Rock Me Baby, Oak Fire and Can I Get A Witness were originally released on;
  • 5th, Lee Michaels, 1971
Hold On To Freedom was originally released on;
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