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The Apocalypse Now Sessions
The Rhythm Devils Play River Music

The Rhythm Devils

Initial release : 1989

Rykodisc 109

Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Phil Lesh contribute to this album of percussion music from the recording sessions from the Apocalypse Now soundtrack. This is an exapnded version of the original album.

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  • Compound
  • Trenches
  • Street Gang
  • The Beast
  • Steps
  • Tar
  • Lance
  • Cave
  • Hell's Bells
  • Kurtz
  • Napalm For Breakfast

The Rhythm Devils

  • Greg Errico
  • Mickey Hart
  • Michael Hinton
  • Bill Kreutzmann
  • Phil Lesh
  • Jim Loveless
  • Airto Moreira
  • Jordan Amarantha
  • Flora Purim
Compound is included on the Mickey Hart compilation Over The Edge And Back. The CD booklet with that release includes the following musician list;
  • Mickey Hart - percussion
  • Bill Kreutzmann - percussion
  • Airto Moreira - percussion
  • Michael Hinton - percussion
  • Jim Loveless - marimba
  • Greg Errico - drums
  • Jordan Amarantha - congas
  • Flora Purim - vocals
  • Phil Lesh - bass

  • Producer - Mickey Hart
  • Associate producer - Gian-Carlo Coppola
  • Production assistance - Creek Hart
  • Composed by - Mickey Hart, Michael Hinton, Airto Moreira
  • Engineer - Betty Cantor-Jackson, Brett Cohen, Dan Healy
  • Assistant Engineer - John Cutler, Bob Matthews
  • Mastering - Joe Gastwirt
  • Instrument design - Jim Loveless, Ramrod, Willy John Cashman, Danny Orlando
  • Additional instruments - Zildjian Cymbal Co., Remo Inc.
  • Cover art - Stanley Mouse
  • Photography - Snookey Flowers, John Werner, Steve Schneider
  • Package design - Steven Jurgensmeyer
  • Coordination - Jerry Brandelius, Alan Trist
  • Liaison - Rock Scully
  • Protocol - Jeffrey Boden
  • Support - John Scher, Bill Graham
  • Crew - Ramrod, Hagen, Steve Parrish, Billy Candelario, Bob Nichols, Willy Legate, Debbie Eisenberg, David Faust
  • Series ethnomusicology consultant - Frederic Lieberman

  • Special thanks to Francis Coppola for his inspiration

  • Recorded at Club Front, San Rafael, April 1979 and The Barn, Novato, March 1980

The CD booklets notes that the;

music on this album is composed of excerpts from our playing a single time through the film, though not necessarily arranged in the original order.
Related releases

This CD is an expanded version of the original LP release of the sessions;

The Apocalypse Now movie has been released twice. Firstly in it's original format then in an extended and remastered format; A soundtrack album was released in conjunction with each version of the movie; Compound has been included on a number of samplers and compilation;