Valdez In The Country
Composer: Donny Hathaway

Valdez In The Country was performed about 10 times by the Garcia/Saunders and and Legion Of Mary between October 1974 and June 1975. For many years this instrumental was given the title Bossa Martin on setlists and tapes.

The first recording of Valdez In The Country appears to be by King Curtis in 1969 using the title Patty Cake. Donny Hathaway plays keyboards on this recording. Subsequent recordings use the Valdez In The Country title.

Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders

info Garcia Live: Vol Three, Legion Of Mary, 2013
info Garcia Live: Vol 18: Nov 2, 1974, Garcia / Saunders, 2022

Donny Hathaway

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Other recordings

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