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Cold Blood: Collectables Classics

Cold Blood

Initial release : 2006

Collectables 0402

A 4 CD box set which brings together the first five Cold Blood albums.


  • I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (Dallas / Taylor)
  • If You Will (Matute)
  • You Got Me Hummin' (Hayes / Porter)
  • I Just Want to Make Love to You (Dixon)
  • I'm a Good Woman (Ozen)
  • Let Me Down Easy (Holloway / MacDougal)
  • Watch Your Step (Parker)
  • Shop Talk (Cold Blood)
  • Funky on My Back (Cold Blood)
  • Your Good Thing (Hayes / Porter)
  • Understanding (Cold Blood)
  • I Can't Stay (Cold Blood)
  • Too Many People (Cold Blood)
  • Visions (Baldwin)
  • Lo and Behold (Taylor)
  • Down to the Bone (Hull / Stoltie)
  • You Had to Know (Hathaway)
  • My Lady Woman (Hull / Stoltie)
  • No Way Home (Hull / Matute)
  • Inside Your Soul (Haskett)
  • All My Honey (Hull / Stoltie)
  • Valdez in the Country (Hathaway)
  • Baby I Love You (Ragavoy)
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Wonder)
  • Feel So Bad (Johnson / Temple)
  • Sleeping (Manuel / Robertson)
  • Live Your Dream (Haskett)
  • I'll Be Long Gone (Scaggs)
  • Kissing My Love (Withers)
  • Ready To Love (Hewitt / Smith)
  • Simple Love Life (Smith / Smith)
  • Under Pressure (Gowdy / Wilkins)
  • When My Love Hand Comes Down (Jones / Sawyer)
  • When It's Over (Wayne)
  • Consideration (Cropper)
  • I Only Wanted Someone to Hear Me (Presley / Rush)
  • You're Free Lovin' Me (Cropper / Marsh)
  • Come Back into My Life Again (Charles)
  • Just Like Sunshine (Matute / Smith)
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Tracks 1 to 7 were originally released on;

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  • Lydia, Cold Blood, 1974
Tracks 1 to 13 were originally released on separate albums as indicated above. They were subsequently rereleased on a 2-on-1 CD and it is this CD that is included in this box set;
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