That's All Right

Composer: Arthur Crudup

Grateful Dead

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Jerry Garcia

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Bill Kreutzmann

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This is not intended to be a comprehensive list.

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Played by the Grateful Dead in 1973 and in 1986. Also played frequently by the Garcia / Saunders group and later by the Jerry Garcia Band.

The original title of this song is That's All Right. However it often appears on records as That's Alright or That's Alright Mama or That's All Right Mama.

Originally recorded by Crudup on Sept. 6th 1946.

Possibly based on lines from That Black Snake Moan by Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Mama that's alright, Mama that's alright for you,
Mama that's alright, Mama that's alright for you,
Mama that's alright won't you know where you do.

The song is most famous for being Elvis Presley's first released single. It was recorded during an unsuccessful session recording ballad material. During a break, according to Scotty Moore the guitarist on the session;

"All of a sudden Elvis started singing a song, jumping around, acting the fool, and then Bill [Black] picked up his bass and started acting the fool too, and I started playing with them. Sam [Philips] had the door to the control booth open .... he stuck his head out and said, 'What're you doing?' We said, 'We don't know.' 'Well back up,' he said, 'try to find a place to start and do it again.'"

Presley's version was released on the Sun label (Sun 209) on July 19th 1954 with Blue Moon Of Kentucky as the B-Side.