Save Mother Earth
Composer: Merl Saunders / Edmund Lewis

Jerry Garcia plays on Save Mother Earth on the Heavy Turbulence album.

Save Mother Earth was first released split over both sides of a 7" single.


info Single (Save Mother Earth Pt 1 / Save Mother Earth Pt 2), Merl Saunders, 1971
info Heavy Turbulence, Merl Saunders, 1972
info Save The Planet So We'll Have Someplace To Boogie, Merl Saunders, 1991
info Fire Up Plus, Merl Saunders, 1992
info Blues From The Rainforest: A Musical Suite (DVD), Merl Saunders, 2000
info Garcia Live: Vol 15: May 21st, 1971 Keystone Korner, Garcia / Saunders, 2020

  album cover

album cover