Composer: Bob Dylan / Jaques Levy

Joey was performed 3 times by the Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan during the Dylan and the Dead tour in July 1987. The Grateful Dead did not perform the song on any other occasion.

In an interview, collected in Songwriters on Songwriting by Paul Zollo, Dylan is asked about the song and part of his reply is;

That's a tremendous song. And you'd only know that singing it night after night. You know who got me singing that song? Garcia. Yeah. He got me singing that song again. He said that's one of the best songs ever written. Coming from him, it was hard to know which way to take that. [Laughs] He got me singing that song again with them.
The song was first recorded by Dylan on July 30, 1975. It is sometimes referred to as Ballad of Joey Gallo.

Bob Dylan with the Grateful Dead

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