It Hurts Me Too
Composer: Tampa Red / Elmore James / ?

It Hurts Me Too, often referred to as just Hurts Me Too on setlists, was performed about 50 times by the Grateful Dead between early 1966 and May 1972. The song was also performed by Phil Lesh & Friends, Dead & Company and Billy And The Kids.

The song was first recorded by Tampa Red in May 1940. His version appears to be based on the song Things 'Bout Comin' My Way which he recorded in 1931. That song derives from Sitting On Top Of The World and other earlier songs. Tampa Red recorded a variation of It Hurts Me Too with amended lyrics in 1949 which was released with the title When Things Go Wrong with You which gave rise to covers using that title. Many performers have since used their own version of the lyrics. Elmore James recorded the song in 1957 providing his own lyrics and slowing the tempo. This version of the song has since become the "standard" version.

The early recording date suggests that the song was written by Tampa Red. He is credited on some recording as either Tampa Red or Hudson Whittaker. On Grateful Dead recordings, and on many others, It Hurts Me Too is credited to Elmore James, this reflects the use of Elmore James' lyrics and arrangement. Other recordings credit the performer on the particular recording reflecting the introduction of, usually, variations in the lyrics.

Grateful Dead

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Dead & Company

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Phil Lesh & Friends

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Other recordings

This list is not intended to be comprehensive

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It Hurts Me Too can also be found on concert recordings by the Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, and other groups.

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