Easy Answers
Composer: Robert Hunter / Bob Bralove / Bob Weir / Vince Welnick / Rob Wasserman

Easy Answers was first performed by the Grateful Dead in June 1993. It was then performed just under 50 times up to June 1995.

Rob Wasserman discusses the creation and recording of this song in the liner notes of the Trios album;

The night before this session Bob Weir and I were rehearsing a song idea for our trio with Neil Young. As we were wrapping up he asked me if I wanted to hear another new tune he had been working on. The next day Neil, Bobby and I were sitting in Neil's ancient Cadillac listening to both songs, and we decided to record the newer one from the previous evening which, needless to say, became Easy Answers. Bobby recorded his lead vocal around midnight. Neil and I wouldn't let him do it over again as we both felt he had captured the true spirit of a preacher in his late night delivery. I remember thinking that the song must be pretty good when I saw Neil simultaneously washing dinner dishes at the studio sink and dancing non-stop while he listened to the playback. He commented that my vocal part sounded like a disinterested New Yorker on a street corner using a pay phone while singing the words 'easy answers'!

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