Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens

Composer: Traditional

Jerry Garcia recordings (as My Little Sparrow)

info Before The Dead, Jerry Garcia, 2018

Other recordings

Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens (or Ladies)
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Little Sparrow
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Sweet Willie
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The title Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens (or Ladies) has only been regularly used since the 1960s. Prior to that the song was more commonly known as Little Sparrow. Little Sparrow is thought to be an old song, possibly derived from the Scottish ballads Waly Waly (or O Waly Waly) or Jamie Douglas. Though contemporary versions of Waly Waly are not similar to this song. There is also a related song Sweet Willie.

Played by the Wildwood Boys at the Tangent in Palo Alto on February 23rd 1963.

Here are the lyics of the Wildwood Boys version of the song;

Come all you fair and tender maidens,
Take warning how you court your man,
They're like a fog on a Summer's morning,
First appear and then they're gone.

I wished I was a little sparrow,
And I had wings to fly so high,
And my true love, (oh false true lover?),
(And when you die, I won't deny?)

Come all you fair and tender maidens,
Take warning how you court your man,
They're like a fog on a Summer's morning,
First appear and then they're gone.

They tell to you such lovely stories,
They'll make you think that they love you well,
And then they are gone to court another,
And leave you there in grief to dwell.

Come all you fair and tender maidens,
Take warning how you court your man,
They're like a fog on a Summer's morning,
First appear and then they're gone,
First appear and then they're gone.