Cardboard Cowboy (aka The Monster)
Composer: Phil Lesh

Cardboard Cowboy was performed in 1966 but then dropped from the repertoire.

The song was known for many years as Cowboy Cardboard. It is referred to on tape and set lists by this name. It was suggested in 2000 that the correct title is No Turn Left Unstoned. The authorship of the song was also uncertain.

Studio and live versions of this song were due to be released on the Golden Road box set in 2001. However they were withdrawn at the last moment.

The song was finally released on the limited issue bonus CD which was distributed with some early copies of the Phil Lesh book Searching for the Sound: My Life in the Grateful Dead. This bonus CD song also included some spoken comments on the song by Phil Lesh. He acknowledged that the song is now known as Cardboard Cowboy but says that originally it was called The Monster, probably because of the difficulty of the song. Words and music were written solely by Phil Lesh.

Grateful Dead

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