Searching for the Sound : My Life in the Grateful Dead

Author: Phil Lesh

Publication date : April 2005

Little, Brown and Company

Paperback edition: Back Bay Books (2006)

An autobiography by Phil Lesh covering his life in, and outside, the Grateful Dead.

From the hardback jacket:

Now, in time for the Grateful Dead's fortieth anniversary, Phil Lesh offers the first behind-the-scenes history of the Grateful Dead - a story no one will ever know as he does. Lesh chronicles how the Dead's signature sound emerged, flowed, and swelled to reach millions of devoted fans, from their earliest gigs at Frenchy's Bikini-A-Go-Go for an audience of three, to the legendary Acid Tests, to packed stadiums around the world.
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An audio CD comprising 4 songs and 4 spoken comments on the songs by Phil Lesh was distributed with some early copies of the book;

A reading by Phil Lesh of an abridged version of the book was released on CD:
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