Boy In the Bubble
Composer: Forere Motloheloa / Paul Simon

Boy In the Bubble was one of the songs rehearsed by the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan prior to the 1987 Dylan & The Dead tour but it was not performed live.

Paul Simon

no info Single (The Boy in the Bubble / Crazy Love, Vol. II), 1986
no info Promo single (The Boy in the Bubble / The Boy in the Bubble extended version), 1986
info Graceland, 1986
no info Concert In The Park, August 15, 1991, 1991
no info Paul Simon 1964-1993, 1993
no info The Paul Simon Anthology, 1993
no info Greatest Hits: Shining Like a National Guitar, 2000
no info The Collection: On My Way, Don't Know Where I'm Goin', 2002
no info The Studio Recordings 1972-2000, 2004
no info The Essential, 2007

Other recordings

no info Beatsongs, The Blue Aeroplanes, 1991
no info Single (The Boy In The Bubble / Talkin' On The Otherphone), Blue Aeroplanes, 1991
no info Kerosene Man EP, Steve Wynn, 1991
no info White Room, Cache Valley Drifters, 1996
no info Fruit: The Best of the Blue Aeroplanes Live in Concert 1983-1994, The Blue Aeroplanes, 1996
no info John Stewart & Darwin's Army, 1999
no info Dazzling Display, Steve Wynn, 2000 (deluxe edition)
no info Masterworks of American Bluegrass, Various Artists (Cache Valley Drifters), 2002
no info Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies, Snowdogs, 2003
info Twelve, Patti Smith, 2007
no info Scratch My Back, Peter Gabriel, 2010
no info Single (The Boy In the Bubble/Biko), Peter Gabriel, 2010

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