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The Savage Resurrection (reissue with bonus tracks)

The Savage Resurrection

Initial release : 1998

Mod Lang ML-007

A reissue of the only Savage Resurrection LP plus three bonus tracks.

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  • Thing in "E" (Palmer)
  • Every Little Song (Hammon)
  • Talking to You (Harper/Palmer)
  • Tahitian Melody (Palmer)
  • Jammin' (Hammon/Palmer)
  • Fox Is Sick (Palmer)
  • Someones's Changing (Hammon/Palmer)
  • Remlap's Cave, Pt. 2 (Palmer)
  • Appeal To The Happy (Harper/Palmer)
  • Expectations (Palmer)
  • Thing in "E" (Palmer) *
  • Tahitian Melody (Palmer) *
  • River Deep-Mountain High (Barry/Greenwich/Spector) *
* Bonus tracks


  • Bill Harper - percussion, lead vocals
  • Randy Hammon - lead guitar, vocals
  • John Palmer - lead guitar, vocals
  • Steve Lage - bass, vocals
  • Jeff Myer - drums

  • Original producer - Abe Kesh
  • Recorded at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood

  • Produced for reissue - Alec Paleo, Randy Hammon
  • Sleeve redesign - Patrick Roques
  • Photos and memorabilia - Randy Hammon, Jeff Myer, Obert Sonsten, Alec Paleo
  • Liner notes - Nick Saloman, Alec Paleo, John Palmer
  • Thanks to Jeff Myer, Bill Harper, John Palmer, Phil McMullen, Paul Bradshaw, Naomi Diamond
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