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The Best of Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna

Initial release : July 1998

RCA 67692

A double CD compilation of tracks from Hot Tuna albums on RCA/Grunt. Cover art by Grace Slick.

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Disc 1

  • Hesitation Blues (Traditional)
  • Know Your Rider (Traditional)
  • Winin' Boy Blues (Morton)
  • Mann's Fate (Kaukonen)
  • Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (Davis)
  • Candy Man (Davis)
  • Been So Long (Kaukonen)
  • Keep on Truckin' (Carleton)
  • 99 Year Blues (Daniels)
  • Ode for Billy Dean (Kaukonen)
  • Sea Child (Kaukonen)
  • Water Song (Kaukonen)
  • I See the Light (Kaukonen)
  • Living Just for You (Kaukonen)
  • Easy Now (Kaukonen)
  • Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From (Davis)
Disc 2
  • Hit Single #1 (Kaukonen)
  • Serpent of Dreams (Kaukonen)
  • Sleep Song (Kaukonen)
  • Funky #7 (Casady/Kaukonen)
  • Hot Jelly Roll Blues (Carter)
  • Sunrise Dance With the Devil (Kaukonen)
  • Bar Room Crystal Ball (Kaukonen)
  • I Wish You Would (Arnold)
  • Watch the North Wind Rise (Kaukonen)
  • It's So Easy (Holly/Petty)
  • Song from the Stainless Cymbal (Kaukonen)
  • Genesis (Kaukonen)
  • Rock Me Baby (Josea/King)
  • Extrication Love Song (Kaukonen)

Musicians involved on the tracks of this compilation include;

  • Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vocals
  • Jack Casady - bass
  • Papa John Creach - violin
  • Nick Buck - keyboards
  • Sammy Piazza - drums
  • Bob Steeler - drums
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The tracks on this compilation are from the following albums.

Hesitation Blues, I Know You Rider, Winin' Boy Blues and Mann's Fate from;

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning and Candy Man from; Keep On Truckin', 99 Year Blues, Ode For Billy Dean, Sea Child and Water Song from; I See The Light, Living Just For You, Easy Now and Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liqour From? from; Hit Single #1, Serpent Of Dreams, Sleep Song and Funky #7 from; Hot Jelly Roll Blues, Sunrise Dance With The Devil and Bar Room Crystal Ball from; I Wish You Would, Watch The North Wind Rise, It's So Easy and Song From The Stainless Cymbal from; Genesis and Extrication Love Song from; Been So Long was originally released on a single.

Rock Me Baby is a previously unreleased live recording.