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Shake Sugaree

Elizabeth Cotten

Initial release : 2004

Smithsonian Folkways

A collection of tracks recorded in 1965 and 1966 including 10 previously unreleased recordings. This is an expanded CD release of an LP that was released in 1966.


  • Shake Sugaree
  • Take Me Back to Baltimore
  • Washington Blues
  • I'm Going Away
  • Fox Chase
  • Ontario Blues
  • Fare You Well, My Darling
  • Untitled / George Buck
  • Mama, Nobody's Here but the Baby
  • Mama, Nobody's Here but the Baby
  • Look and Live, My Brother
  • Jesus Lifted Me and Brenda Evans
  • Jesus Is Tenderly Calling
  • Buck Dance
  • Ruben
  • Oh, Miss Lulie Gal
  • Can't Get a Letter from Down the Road
  • Shoot That Buffalo
  • Boatman Dance
  • Hallelujah, It Is Done
  • Holy Ghost, Unchain My Name
  • Little Brown Jug
  • Delia
  • Ball the Jack
  • Till We Meet Again
  • When the Train Comes Along

  • Elizabeth Cotten - guitar, vocals

  • Producer, recording, editing - Mike Seeger
  • Sound supervision, mastering - Pete Reiniger
  • Design - Sonya Cohen Cramer
  • Liner Notes - Mike Seeger, John Ullman
  • Cover and back photos - John Cohen
  • Other photos - David Gahr, Mark and Sue Sandson
  • Recorded in Princeton, New Jersey in February 1965 and Roosevelt, New Jersey in January 1966
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16 of the tracks on this CD release were originally released on the LP;

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