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Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems & Songs 1949-1993

Allen Ginsberg

Initial release : 1994

Rhino 71693

A 4 CD collection of Ginsberg's recorded works. Includes 4 tracks with musical support by Bob Dylan. Also includes a 60 plus booklet.

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Tracks / Musicians

  • Walking at Night in Key West (Ginsberg/Traditional)
  • A Mad Gleam (Ginsberg)
  • The Green Automobile (Ginsberg)
  • A Supermarket in California (Ginsberg)
  • Howl (For Carl Solomon) (Ginsberg)
  • Footnote to Howl (Ginsberg)
  • America (Ginsberg)
  • Sunflower Sutra (Ginsberg)
  • Green Valentine Blues (Ginsberg)
  • Death to Van Gogh's Ear (Ginsberg)
  • Kaddish (For Naomi Ginsberg 1894-1956) (Ginsberg)
  • To Aunt Rose (Ginsberg/Ribot)
  • Kral Majales (King of May) (Ginsberg)
  • Guru (Ginsberg/Swallow)
  • Wales Visitation (Ginsberg)
  • The End (Ginsberg/Ribot)
  • I Am a Victim of Telephone (Ginsberg)
  • The Echoing Green (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • The Lamb (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • (A) Little Boy Lost (B) Little Boy Found (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • Laughing Song (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • The Sick Rose (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • Nurse's Song (Experience) (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • City Midnight Junk Strains (Ginsberg)
  • A Cradle Song (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • Infant Joy (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • The Fly (Blake/Ginsberg) - :48
  • Voice of the Bard (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • School Boy (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • A Dream (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • Who Be Kind To (Ginsberg)
  • First Party at Ken Kesey's With Hell's... (Ginsberg)
  • Pacific High Studio Mantras (Ginsberg/Traditional)
  • Wichita Vortex Sutra, Part 3 (Ginsberg/Glass)
  • Nurse's Song (Innocence) (Blake/Ginsberg)
  • Pull My Daisy (Cassady/Ginsberg/Kerouac)
  • Capitol Air performed by Ginsberg / Clash
  • Written in My Dreams by W.C. Williams (Frisell/Ginsberg)
  • CIA Dope Calypso (Ginsberg)
  • Vomit Express (Ginsberg)
  • Please Master (Ginsberg)
  • The Little Fish Devours the Big Fish (Ginsberg)
  • Prayer Blues (Ginsberg)
  • Birdbrain (Chapelle/Frye/Ginsberg/Whal)
  • Gospel Noble Truths (Ginsberg)
  • Hum Bom (Ginsberg)
  • Airplane Blues (Ginsberg)
  • On Neal's Ashes (Ginsberg)
  • September on Jessore Road (Ginsberg)
  • Father Death Blues (Ginsberg)
  • Do the Meditation Rock (Ginsberg)
  • After Lalon (Ginsberg)
Bob Dylan plays guitar and contributes vocals to A Dream and Vomit Express both of which were recorded in 1971

Dylan provides instrumental support on September On Jessore Road which was also recorded in 1971.

Dylan plays bass on Airplane Blues which was recorded in 1982

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September On Jessore Road was originally released on a free flexidisc that accompanied;

  • Sing Out!, Vol 21, No 2, 1972
Vomit Express was originally released on;