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Tone Poems: The Sounds of the Great Vintage Guitars and Mandolins

David Grisman and Tony Rice

Initial release : 1994

Acoustic Disc ACD 10

17 guitar/mandolin duets played on 34 different hand crafted instruments - a homage to the great guitars and mandolins of the 20th century. The CD is accompanied by a 40 page booklet which describes the instruments used. Includes many photos. An expanded HD version was released in 2013.


  • Turn of the Century (Grisman)
  • Prisoner's Waltz (Grisman)
  • Sam-Bino (Grisman)
  • Grandfather's Clock (Traditional arr. Grisman)
  • Good Old Mountain Dew (Traditional arr. Grisman & Rice)
  • I Am a Pilgrim (Traditional arr. Grisman & Rice)
  • Mill Valley Waltz (Grisman)
  • Vintage Gintage Blues (Grisman)
  • I Don't Want Your Mandolins Mister (Traditional arr. Grisman & Rice)
  • Dawg After Dark (Grisman)
  • Wildwood Flower (Traditional arr. Grisman & Rice)
  • Morning Sun (Grisman)
  • Banks of the Ohio (Traditional arr. Grisman & Rice)
  • Swing '42 (Reinhardt / Grappelli)
  • Watson Blues (Monroe)
  • O Solo Mio (Traditional arr. Grisman)
  • Song For Two Pamelas (Grisman)

  • David Grisman - mandolins
  • Tony Rice - guitars

  • Producer - David Grisman
  • Recording engineer - David Dennison
  • Production assistance - Craig Miller
  • Instrument setup - Dexter Johnson
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine
  • Photography - Eric Harger
  • Art direction - Mike Moser
  • Layout - D. Brent Hauseman
  • Liner Notes - Dexter Johnson, David Grisman
  • Instruments courtesy of Ed Ashworth, Daryl Bloom, David Grisman, Monroe Grisman, Dexter Johnson, Craig Miller, Rick Montgomery, John O, Tony Rice, James "Rick" Rickard, Marc Silver, Frank Staley
  • Special thanks to John Bernunzio, Jim Bollman, David Colburn, Jack Crymes, John Delgatto, Bernard Glansbeek, George Gruhn, Steve Jarvis, "H", Pamela Rice, Marc Silber, Tom Stern
  • Strings by D'Addario
  • Recorded at Dawg Studios in February 1993 and January 1994
  • Mastered at The Rocket Lab
This project is dedicated to all the nameless and faceless artisans and craftsmen who built these wonderful guitars and mandolins that we love to play.

Related releases

An HD, expanded, deluxe edition of Tone Poems was released in 2013:

Dawg After Dark is included on the Acoustic Disc sampler: I Don't Want Your Mandolins Mister was included on the Acoustic Disc sampler: Wildwood Flower was included on: Two songbooks were published in conjunction with this CD:
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