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Sibling Rivalry / Jubilation

The Rowans

Initial release : 2004

Collectors Choice 423

Two on one release of Rowan Brothers LPs from the 1970s. Mickey Hart is included in the 'special thanks' section of the credits on the sleeve of the original release of Jubilation. That LP was recorded at Hart's studio, The Barn, Novato.


  • Ooh My Love (Chris Rowan)
  • Love Is (Lorin Rowan / Dudley Glanz / Mark Stein)
  • Tired Hands (Lorin Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • If I Only Could (Chris Rowan)
  • No Desamines Amor (Don't Disappoint Love) Peter Rowan / Juanita West / Amanda Lynn / Woody West)
  • Ya Ba Da Ba (Chris Rowan)
  • Fire Dragon (Chris Rowan / Lorin Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • Mongolian Swamp/Kings Men (Lorin Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • Joaquin Murrieta (Peter Rowan)
  • Sword of Faith/Soldier of the Cross (Lorin Rowan)
  • Best Of Friends (Lorin Rowan)
  • Give Ya Good Lovin' (Peter Rowan)
  • Hoo Doo Love (Chris Rowan)
  • Love's Secret Sighs (Chris Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • Don't Say Goodbye (Peter Rowan)
  • Lovelight (Chris Rowan)
  • New Horizons (Lorin Rowan)
  • Makin' It Easy (Chris Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • Calle Music (Lorin Rowan)

The credits for the original Jubilation LP included;

  • Special Thanks - .... Mickey Hart ....
  • Recorded at the Barn, Novato
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