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Sibling Rivalry

The Rowans

Initial release : 1976

Collectors Choice 423

A collaboration by the three Rowan Brothers.

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  • Ooh My Love (Chris Rowan)
  • Love Is (Lorin Rowan / Dudley Glanz / Mark Stein)
  • Tired Hands (Lorin Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • If I Only Could (Chris Rowan)
  • No Desamines Amor (Don't Disappoint Love) (Peter Rowan / Juanita West / Amanda Lynn / Woody West)
  • Ya Ba Da Ba (Chris Rowan)
  • Fire Dragon (Chris Rowan / Lorin Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • Mongolian Swamp/Kings Men (Lorin Rowan / Peter Rowan)
  • Joaquin Murrieta (Peter Rowan)
  • Sword of Faith/Soldier of the Cross (Lorin Rowan)


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