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Shakedown Street

Grateful Dead

Initial release : November 15, 1978

Arista AB-4198

The Dead's second Arista album.


  • Good Lovin' (Resnick/Clark)
  • France (Hart/Weir/Hunter)
  • Shakedown Street (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Serengetti (Hart/Kreutzmann)
  • Fire On The Mountain (Hart/Hunter)
  • I Need A Miracle (Weir/Barlow)
  • From The Heart Of Me (D. Godchaux)
  • Stagger Lee (Garcia/Hunter)
  • All New Minglewood Blues (Tradition arr. Bob Weir)
  • If I Had The World To Give (Garcia/Hunter)
Bonus tracks on CD version released in the Beyond Description box set in 2004 and as a separate CD in 2006;
  • Good Lovin' (Resnick / Clark) - Studio outtake featuring Lowell George, 7/28/78
  • Ollin Arageed (Hamza El Din) - Live, Egypt, 9/16/78
  • Fire On The Mountain (Hart / Hunter) - Live, Egypt, 9/16/78
  • Stagger Lee (Garcia / Hunter) - Live, Egypt, 9/15/78
  • All New Minglewood Blues (Traditional) - Live, Passaic, 11/24/78

  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
  • Donna Godchaux - vocals
  • Keith Godchaux - keyboards
  • Mickey Hart - drums, percussion
  • Robert Hunter - lyrics
  • Billy Kreutzmann - drums, percussion
  • Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Additional musicians;
  • Jordan Amarantha - percussion
  • Matthew Kelly - harp
  • Steve Schuster - horn (on From The Heart Of Me)
Additional musicians on CD bonus tracks;
  • Lowell George - lead vocals (on Good Lovin' studio outtake)
  • Hamza El Din - oud, tar, hand clapping, vocals (on Ollin Arageed)
  • The Nubian Youth Choir - hand clapping, tar, vocals (on Ollin Arageed)

  • Producer - Lowell George
  • Co-Producer - Dan Healy
  • Associate Producer - John Kahn
  • Engineer - Bob Matthews
  • Engineer (Serengetti only) - Brett Cohen
  • Horn arrangements - John Kahn
  • Artwork - Gilbert Shelton
  • Assistants - Ramrod, Steve Parish, Bill Candelario, Robbie Taylor, John Hagen, Jeffrey Boden, Betty Cantor-Jackson, Harry Popick, Brett Cohen, Sue Stephens
  • Recorded and mixed at Club Le Front, San Rafael, CA, 7/31/78 - 8/18/78
  • Mastered by George Horn at the Automat, San Francisco
  • Serengetti recorded by MERT at Meta Tantay, Carlin, Nevada

The Dead chose Lowell George as producer in an attempt to get away from the 'in charge producer' role that they had whilst recording Terra[in Station with Keith Olsen. According to Garcia; "We chose Lowell George because we wanted someone who understood band mechanics."

Bill Kreutzmann commented in an interview;... Lowell was really like a member of the band more. If we were working on a song and he didn't feel it was going right, he'd just grab a guitar and come into the studio and show us how he felt it. That was one of the ways he'd communicate, and it worked great. I had a tremendous amount of respect for him. The recording was interrupted by the Egypt tour in 1978. After that tour the Dead cancelled shows in the UK to finish Shakedown Street so that it would be released for their tour in the US in late 1978. Lowell George was not available for the final stages of putting together the album and the production work was completed by John Kahn

Related releases

Two singles were released in conjunction with this LP;

A promotional single comprising two versions of Shakedown Street was also distributed; A third single included one song from Shakedown Street; Released on CD in 1986, Arista ARCD-4198.

A remastered, expanded version of Shakedown Street was included in the box set;

This remastered, expanded version was released as a single CD in 2006.

Good Lovin', Shakedown Street, Fire On The Mountain and I Need A Miracle were included on;

The Shakedown Street CD release was included in; All tracks from Shakedown Street were included on the digital release; Fire On The Mountain was included on; During the week that Shakedown Street was released the Grateful Dead appeared on Saturday Night Live to promote the album. They played three songs I Need A Miracle, Good Lovin' and Casey Jones. Casey Jones was included on the compilation album;

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