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Gypsy Cowboy/Panama Red

New Riders Of The Purple Sage

Initial release : 2000

Beat Goes On Records BGOCD 509

This two-on-one European CD includes the NRPS third and fourth LPs. Donna Jean Godchaux sings on both LPs. One track on Panama Red was written by Robert Hunter.


  • Gypsy Cowboy (Torbert)
  • Whiskey (Dawson)
  • Groupie (Torbert)
  • Sutter's Mill (Dawson)
  • Death and Destruction (Dawson)
  • Linda (Dawson)
  • On My Way orbert)
  • Superman (Dawson)
  • She's No Angel (Ballman/Arnold)
  • Long Black Veil (Wilkin/Dill)
  • Sailin' (Dawson)
  • Panama Red (Rowan)
  • It's Alright with Me (Torbert)
  • Lonesome L.A. Cowboy (Rowan)
  • Important Exportin Man (Hovey/Torbert)
  • One Too Many Stories (Dawson)
  • Kick in the Head (Hunter)
  • You Should Have Seen Me Runnin (Dawson)
  • Teardrops in My Eyes (Allen/Sutton)
  • L.A. Lady (Goodman/Jennings/Seals)
  • Thank the Day (Torbert)
  • Cement, Clay and Glass (Dryden/Nelson)

The musicians on Gypsy Cowboy are;

New Riders;

  • John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • David Nelson - bagpipes, dobro, lead guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Dave Torbert - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar
  • Spencer Dryden - percussion, drums
  • Darlene Didomenico - vocals (Whiskey, Superman and On My Way Back Home)
  • Donna Godchaux - vocals (She's No Angel and Long Black Veil)
  • Richard Greene - violin
  • Mark Naftalin - piano
  • Jack Schroer - horn
The musicians on Panama Red are;

New Riders of the Purple Sage;

  • Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar
  • John Dawson - guitar, vocals
  • Spencer Dryden - percussion, drums
  • David Nelson - guitar, vocals
  • Dave Torbert - bass, guitar, vocals
Additional musicians;
  • Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals (Important Exportin Man and L.A. Lady)
  • Norbert Putnam - bass (Thank The Day)
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie - vocals (You Should Have Seen Me Runnin and Cement, Clay & Glass)
  • The Memphis Horns - horns
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Tracks 1 to 11 were originally released on;

  • Gypsy Cowboy, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, 1972, Columbia KC-31930
Tracks 12 to 22 were originally released on;
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