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Bermuda Palms / Litchfield's Bermuda Palms, San Rafael

Bermuda Palms (sometimes referred to as Litchfield's Bermuda Palms) was a resort complex on Francisco Boulevard in San Rafael. The site housed a motel, ballroom and other buildings. This was a regular venue for Bay Area musicians in the late sixties and early seventies. Sons of Champlin played there in 1967, Big Brother in 1969, Hot Tuna in 1972 and Country Joe in 1973. It's possible that the venue at the resort was also at times known as Euphoria and Pepperland though these may have been different building. The resort was built by Irving "Whitey" Litchfield in the late 1940s. The original buildings have been demolished and the site is now a modern motel

The world record for breath holding under water was for many years held by Robert Foster who did it for 13min 42.5 sec in the swimming pool of the Bermuda Palms Motel on 15th March 1959.

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