Bruce Hornsby & Friends

Performance film


A DVD release of a Bruce Hornsby show with special guests at the Manhattan Center, New York on October 27, 1995. Bob Weir joins the group for a performance of Jack Straw. The songs from the performance are interspersed with sections of interviews with Bruce Hornsby and the special guests.

Songs performed are;

  • Spider Fingers
  • Talk Of The Town
  • The End Of The Innocence
  • Walk In The Sun
  • White Wheeled Limousine
  • Mandolin Rain
  • Jack Straw
  • Rainbow's Cadillac
  • The Valley Road
  • Cruise Control
The Hornsby band is;
  • Bruce Hornsby - piano, vocals
  • John Molo - drums
  • J. V. Collier - bass
  • Debby Henry - percussion, background vocals
  • Dave Hollister - background vocals
  • Levi Little - background Vocals
  • Bobby Read - tenor saxophone
  • John Thomas - keyboards
  • John D'earth - trumpet
The guest performers are;
  • Gregory Hines - tap dancing (on Talk Of The Town)
  • Pat Metheny - guitar (on White Wheeled Limousine)
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals (on Jack Straw)
  • Don Henley - vocals (on The End of the Innocence)
  • Bonnie Raitt - guitar, vocals (on The Valley Road)
Credits for the DVD;
  • Program produced for DVD by Joe Augustine for Hybrid Recordings
  • Authored at Sony Studios, NY
  • Photographs - Kevin Mazer
  • Package design - Frank Olinsky
  • Recorded live at Manhattan Center, New York on October 27, 1995
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