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Strawberries Mean Love

The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Initial release : 1992

Big Beat 56

Compilation of LP and singles tracks.

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  • Incense and Peppermints (Carter/Gilbert)
  • Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow (Barteck/Bunnell/Strawberry Alarm Clock)
  • Sit With the Guru (Freeman/King/Weitz)
  • Tomorrow (King/Weitz)
  • Black Butter-Present (Freeman/King)
  • Love Me Again (Freeman/King)
  • Pretty Song from Psych-Out (Freeman/King)
  • The World's on Fire (Strawberry Alarm Clock)
  • Birds in My Tree (Barteck/Bunnell)
  • The Birdman of Alkatrash (Weitz)
  • Small Package (Bunnell/Freeman/King/Pitman/Weitz)
  • They Saw the Fat One Coming (Freeman/King)
  • Strawberries Mean Love (Barteck/Bunnell/Strawberry Alarm Clock)
  • Desiree
  • Barefoot in Baltimore (Freeman/King)
  • Paxton's Back Street Carnival (Barteck/Bunnell/Strawberry Alarm Clock)
  • Hummin' Happy (Bunnell/Soel/Strawberry Alarm Clock)
  • Seashell (Carter/Gilbert)
  • (You Put Me on) Stand By (Freeman/Gunnels/King/Pitman/Weitz)
  • I Climbed the Mountain
  • Three


  • Mark Weitz - organ, piano, vocals
  • George Bunnell - bass, vocals
  • Randy Seol - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Ed King - guitar, vocals
  • Lee Freeman - harmonica, guitar, percussion, vocals
  • Gary Lovetro - bass, vocals
  • Jimmy Pitman - guitar, vocals
  • Gene Gunnels - drums

  • Steve Bartek - flute drums (on Incense And Peppermints)
  • Greg Munford - vocals drums (on Incense And Peppermints)

Related releases

Uncertain if some tracks are single, LP or unreleased versions of songs. Where unknown LP source has been given below.

Incense and Peppermints, Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow, The World's on Fire, Birds in My Tree, Strawberries Mean Love, Paxton's Back Street Carnival and Hummin' Happy were released on;

Tomorrow, Sit With the Guru, Black Butter-Present, They Saw the Fat One Coming and Pretty Song from Psych-Out were released on; Sea Shell, Love Me Again and Barefoot in Baltimore were released on; Small Package and (You Put Me On) Standby were released on; Birdman of Alkatrash was only released on a single;
  • Incense And Peppermints / Birdman Of Alkatrash, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, 1967, UNI 55018
Desiree was only released on a single;
  • Desiree / Changes, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, 1969, UNI 55158
I Climbed the Mountain and Three were only released on a single;
  • I Climbed The Mountain / Three, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, 1970, UNI 55190