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Back Door Men

The Shadows Of Knight

Initial release : October 1966

Dunwich 667

The group's second LP.


  • Bad Little Woman (Tinsley/Catling/Demick/Armstrong/Rosbotham)
  • Gospel Zone (Schiffour)
  • The Behemoth (Pye)
  • Three For Love (Kelley)
  • Hey Joe
  • I'll Make You Sorry (Kelley)
  • Peepin' And Hidin' (Reed)
  • Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day
  • New York Bullseye
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Spoonful (Dixon)
Sundazed CD Bonus Tracks;
  • Gospel Zone (Schiffour)
  • Willie Jean (Traditional)
  • I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Bayer/Carr/Errico)


  • Jim Sohns - percussion, vocals
  • Joe Kelley - lead guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
  • Jerry McGeorge - rhythm guitar
  • Warren Rogers - lead guitar, bass
  • Tom Schiffour - drums, vocals

  • Dave "The Hawk" Wolinski - organ, electric piano

Other credits

  • Producer - Bill Traut, George Badinsky
  • Engineer - Bob Kidder
  • Recorded at Universal Recording Corp., Chicago

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