What Goes Around Comes Around

Composer: Mac Rebennack

Jerry Garcia

info Garcia (Compliments of Garcia), Jerry Garcia, 1974
info All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions, Jerry Garcia / Jerry Garcia Band, 2004


info Pickin' On Jerry Garcia, Various Artists, 2001


Remedies : Dr John (1970)
Desitively Bonaroo : Dr John (1974)
Mos' Scocious: The Dr. John Anthology : Dr John (1993)
The very Best of Dr John : Dr John (1995)
Next Hex: The Nashville Session '74 : Dr. John (1999)
The Ultimate Dr John : Dr John (19??)


The original version of this song, What Goes Around Comes Around, is the one covered by Garcia. This version was released on Dr John's Remedies LP.

Subsequently Dr John rewrote the song as What Comes Around (Goes Around) and released the new version on Desitively Bonaroo. This version differs substantially from the original.