Walker After Midnight (aka Walkin' After Midnight)

Composer: Robert Hunter / Vince Welnick / Phil Lesh / Joren Rushing


Walker After Midnight, June Rushing , 200?


Walker After Midnight is a lyric that was published in Robert Hunter's Box Of Rain. No information is provided by Hunter about the song so all that can be deduced is that it was written prior to the publication of the book in 1990.

Three musical settings have subsequently been created for the lyrics:

  • Vince Welnick set it to music and performed the song with Missing Man Formation
  • Phil Lesh set it to music using the title Walkin' After Midnight. Uncertain if this song has been performed by Phil & Friends
  • Joren Rushing set it music and this song is the title track of June Rushing 's CD noted above

May 2005