They Killed Him
Composer: Bob Dylan

They Killed Him was rehearsed by the Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan prior to the Dylan & The Dead tour in July 1987 but was not performed live.

They Killed Him is a tribute to Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Jesus.

Kris Kristofferson

info Repossessed, Kris Kristofferson, 1986
no info Single (They Killed Him / Anthem '84), Kris Kristofferson, 1987 (US)
no info Single (El Coyote / They Killed Him), Kris Kristofferson, 1987 (UK)
no info The Country Collection, Kris Kristofferson, 1998
no info Repossessed/Third World Warrior, Kris Kristofferson, 2004
no info Breakthrough, Kris Kristofferson, 2004

Bob Dylan

info Knocked Out Loaded, Bob Dylan, 1986
info Singer/Songwriter, Kris Kristofferson / Various Artists, 1991

Other recordings

no info Single (They Killed Him / Three Bells), Johnny Cash, 1984
no info For the Living of These Days, Kate Campbell, 2006

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