Robot World
Composer: Andy Farag / Jake Cinninger / Joel Cummins / Ryan Stasik

Robot World was played by Phil Lesh when sitting in with Umphrey's McGee on October 22, 2004.

Robot World was first released on the Umphrey's McGee album Anchor Drops in June 2004 and first performed by Umphrey's McGee in August 2004.


no info Anchor Drops, Umphrey's McGee, 2004
no info Wrapped Around Chicago (DVD), Umphrey's McGee, 2005
no info Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2011, Umphrey's McGee, 2012
no info Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2013, Umphrey's McGee, 2014
no info Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2017, Umphrey's McGee, 2018
no info Anchor Drops (2 CD), Umphrey's McGee, 2019

Robot World has been played live over 100 times by Umphrey's McGee. Many of the shows that feature the song are available on CD or digitally from UMLive. This includes the 10/22/04, Great American Music Hall show that features Phil Lesh.

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album cover