Railroading On The Great Divide

Composer: Sara Carter

Grateful Dead

No Grateful Dead recordings.


no info Single, Bill Clifton and the Dixie Mountain Boys, 1960
no info Land of Milk and Honey, Deseret String Band, 1974
info On The Great Divide, The New Lost City Ramblers, 1975
info Evo's Autoharp, Evo Bluestein, 1985
no info Trail to Mexico, Gorman, Skip, 1987
no info Great Dreams, Critton Hollow, 1988
no info Legends Of Folk, Various Artists (Utah Phillips), 1990
no info Last Recordings, Vol. 2 Carter Family, 1993
no info Never Grow Old, Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen, 1994
no info Circles of Rhyme, Aileen and Elkin Thomas, 19??
no info Singing Rails - 14 Railroadin' Songs, Wayne Erbsen, 19??
info Blackest Crow, James Reams, 2000
no info Around the World to Poor Valley, Bill Clifton, 2001


DeadBase includes this song in the set list for 6/11/69 California Hall, San Francisco. The list was provided by a Bay Area deadhead who attended the show and kept a list. It is thought that no tapes of the show exist. Therefore it is likely that there is no recorded example of the Dead playing this song.