Only the Strange Remain
Composer: Robert Hunter / Mickey Hart

Performed by the Other Ones, the Dead and Mickey Hart's Mystery Box.

Mickey Hart

info Mystery Box, Mickey Hart, 1996

The Other Ones

info The Strange Remain, The Other Ones, 1999

The Dead

info Mansfield, MA, June 22, The Dead, 2003
info Millwaukee, WI, July 1, The Dead, 2003
info Tampa, FL, July 30, The Dead, 2003
info Columbus, OH, August 6, The Dead, 2003
info Irvine, CA, September 18, The Dead, 2003
info Irvine, CA, June 24, 2004
info Indianapolis, IN, July 25, 2004
info Boston, MA, July 31, 2004
info Wantagh, NY, August 14, 2004

  album cover

album cover

album cover